Dream Theater - Pull Me Under (Official Music Video)

You're watching the official music video for Dream Theater - "Pull Me Under" from the album 'Images and Words' (1992)

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Dream Theater - Pull Me Under (Official Music Video) Смотреть онлайн
Edward Birch
why so short?
Joel Dunsmore
I really like DT but wasent there a parody of this song called "Pull My Finger"
holy sauron
this is the first time i've ever listened to DT and i must say i'm impressed
Mauricio Braga
love this music
Vinícius Pinheiro
2:37 2:47 I love this riff
Satantic Archmage
according to digitaldreamdoor these guys are greatest progressive metal band of all time!!!! fuck yeah!!!!
Steven Pierce
2:04 creepy
Steve Kaynan
This band {and this song!} changed my life! I do believe that John Petrucci is the greatest guitarist!
love the guitar
Dusty Shane
@cliffordodelljones2 this came out in '92
@EasyBacon youre tempting me to dislike LOL but i love Dream Theater :)
best things of life... are short some times. you should enjoy them ; ) specially if they're free
Dusty Shane
@cliffordodelljones2 true, I figured as much because it is so early, I just figured you thought it came out in the 80's, sorry.
Clifford Jones
GAH!!!!! SO MUCH 80'S METAL!!!! Love it.
Martino N
@MrPsychoCB Me neither ;)
Martino N
@MrPsychoCB ? how am I supposed to take her?!
Clifford Jones
@DustinShaneYounce I know. But much of the early 90's metal sounds the same as the 80's because it's so close together. I can hear Iron Maiden and Metallica when I hear this. And the video itself just screams 80's. I realize this is a 90's video, but if you didn't know better, you'd think it was '85
Zoltan Horvath
yeah, funny T but behind the scene there are friendship between them! :)
@mrevolutions23 fr:wikepedia In a June 2010 interview, frontman James LaBrie revealed that Dream Theater will enter the studio in January 2011 to record their eleventh full-length album.