half·alive - BREAKFAST (Official Video)

Debut album ‘Now, Not Yet’ available now


concept and choreography by JA_Collective

director : Elliott Sellers

lead actor : Jordan Johnson

supporting actor : Aidan Carberry

ensemble: Adam Agostino, Vinny Balbo, Trevor Daw, Ruger Memmott, Finn Murphy, and Rae Srivastava

producer : Judy Craig

production company : Bear Punch Productions

executive producer : Mark Golembeski

production coord : Richard Theisen

1st AD : Kenny Taylor

cinematographer : Blaine Dunkley

additional photography : Elliott Sellers

1st AC : Sara Garth

movi operator : Kurt Wallrath

gaffer : Stefan Colson

best electric : Sam Wilkerson

key grip : Gabriel Carnick

best grip : Corey Brown

production designer : Aurelie Taillefer

set dresser : Benjamin Voutour

set PAs : Caroline Stella and Alia Becker

editor : Elliott Sellers

VFX : Tom Coben

colorist : Houmam at Velem LA


11th oct • indianapolis, in • deluxe

12th oct • chicago, il • metro

13th oct • minneapolis, mn • varsity

15th oct • denver, co • gothic

16th oct • salt lake city, ut • complex

18th oct • san francisco, ca • the independent

19th oct • san francisco, ca • great american music hall

21st oct • los angeles, ca • fonda theatre

29th oct • zurich, ch • papiersaal

30th oct • vienna, at • wuk

31st oct • prague, cz • rock café

2nd nov • warsaw, pl • proxima

4th nov • berlin, de • frannz

5th nov • hamburg, de • knust

6th nov • cologne, de • stadtgarten

8th nov • amsterdam, nl • paradiso-noord [SOLD OUT]

9th nov • brussels, be • ab club [SOLD OUT]

10th nov • paris, fr • la maroquinerie

united kingdom • ireland

12th nov • london, uk • electric brixton

13th nov • birmingham, uk • o2 institute 3 [SOLD OUT]

14th nov • manchester, uk • gorilla [SOLD OUT]

16th nov • dublin, ir • academy [SOLD OUT]

17th nov • glasgow, uk • king tuts [SOLD OUT

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i lay on the carpet

a wrench to let you in

carbonating emotion

tears rising to the rim

i fled to the walls, yeah

be sure I’m surrounded

where no one can find me

but there’s strength behind a lowered gate

a humble embrace

a vulnerable place

say you’re open through tears and trembling

it’s a major step

it’s ok to fret

here’s safe place to lay your heart down

it’s a second chance

it won’t be your last

letting my guard down

enough to be held close

there’s strength in the open

the broken and exposed

should i flee to the mountains

be sure i’m surrounded

where no one can find me

there’s strength within an open space

a humble embrace

a venerable place

say you’re open through tears and trembling

it’s a major step

it’s ok to fret

here’s safe place to lay your heart down

it’s a second chance

it won’t be your last

#halfalive #BREAKFAST #NowNotYet

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"what are we supposed to do?"
"oh idk just touch me and stuff"
Dragon Lord 5 9
So that’s what the interpretive dance dimension looks like
A bear possessed by several raccoons
"Hey, what do you want for breakfast? We have cheerios or..."
checks box
"Thousands of arms from the void."
Zoe Staskiewicz
I need to use this video for hand references in art class.
Tyler Gabriel
it's almost 6 pm but here i am getting ready for breakfast
Sarielle Secunda
I'm not a morning person, but I definitely love breakfast
Mikayla Wright
Execs: do you need a hand with this music video?
Half alive: about that...
ngl ha fans are the coolest we're all so enthusiastic for new content and concerts and it's lovely y'all rock
i’m not one to be able to do a deep detailed analysis or anything, but this video is rlly interesting to me

i feel like the hand pits and the arms coming out of the darkness are to show he is vulnerable, susceptible to being broken down while also offered attempts to help, but the latter ends up getting shut off pretty quick due to doubt and negative emotion. it’s difficult, tiring, a creative visualization of dealing with low mental health. however, he’s making efforts to try to get up, to make some steps forward. but it’s hard, like any struggle would be.

and then, at the end, another guy with a similar experience ((shown by the repeated scene of rolling and waking up on the street)) comes across the original dude and taps him on the shoulder to let him know he’s not alone and maybe to offer him genuine support. it’s cut off at the end for us to interpret the unknown of what may have happened next,,, i like to think it’s intended to let us imagine that he’s been helped in recovery ((rather than just given a hand to hold and be helped up with only to be held back or fall back down again))

this video is AMAZING btw i love the amount of creativity they put into this :’) i can’t wait for other out of this world music vids by half alive in the future,, i feel close to these songs bc of themes of mental health ((which i’m currently struggling with bc of severe depression and anxiety)) this one hit close to home but inspired me to stay strong; i love you guys pls keep making more music and doing what you do <333
Krystian M.
People who choreographed and directed this are my new heroes
Banana Bread's Animated World
It’s rare that a band has a music video for my favorite song, because I usually end up liking the underrated songs. But they’re doing a music video for my favorite song I guess. I was not prepared for this.

I W a S n O t.
Krystian M.
I'm glad that I clicked on that The Fall video year ago and discovered my new favorite band
heck _

me: this is goddamn beautiful
NG Games
Not my favourite song of theirs but this video is on point some insane choreography going on and a beautiful tone

I feel lucky being able to have seen the premier
Nadia Anderson
director: “how many hands do you want in this video?”

josh: “yes”
Joey Flight
I'm getting scary toy story 2 flashbacks when woody falls into that pile of broken toys. Lol
aydee gonzalez
¿Quién rayos ya le dio dislike?
“So, what’s for breakfast today?”

Tawny Monarch
"So what's the concept behind the choreography for this one?"
"Well, uh, ever seen Yoshikage Kira's soul get dragged to hell?"
when you reach into the void

the void reaches back