Tesla - Gettin' Better

Music video by Tesla performing Gettin' Better. (C) 1986 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Hugo Laguna
Once of the greatest Bands from the 80's Era
I have never heard this song before, but I tell you I suffer of a chronic very painfull condition and this just made my day!! And I too will get so much better this year!
I think this song should somehow be used for the sick, to cheer them up, for healing also, it is very positive :)
Gene Bryam
Still rockin 2019!!!
Believe me: 80's rock will save our world
Ha Hoang
"Gettin' Better"

All that rain outside my window, it goes on and on, I know
It's gettin' better every day
Soon the sun will shine outside my window, when it's gonna come
No I really, I couldn't say
No no no no no no, it's gettin' better every day - thank you

Can you hear it? Oh, it's gettin' better now, every day, yeah yeah yeah yeah

I'm a hard workin' man, doin' all that I can, tryin' to make ends meet
Just a-makin' my way through the jungle today, it's gettin' the best of me

But it's only gettin' better, and a change is gonna come my way
Yes it's only gettin' better, better every day, aha yeah

I've been changin' the scene, if you know what I mean
Good things are comin' my way
And now I'm livin' my life, and I try doin' it right
Sun shinin' every day

Well it's only gettin' better, and a change is gonna come my way
Yes it's only gettin' better, better every day


Now it's only gettin' better, and a change is gonna come my way
Yes it's only so much better, oh, gettin' better every day, yeah
I can feel it, feel it gettin' better, whoa, day and night
I feel it, feel it gettin' better every day
Gettin' better, it's gettin' better, it's gettin' better
Mike Murphy
To me these guys were among the best the 80's had to offer.
Brian Brewer
Saw Tesla in concert tonight in 2019 and the band and their music still gets it, more talent and meaning to the music than today's music or lack of
yes... gettin' better.. good things comin' my way
doug g
One of the greatest bands of all time ever !!!
James m
class band, class album. rocktastic
Door Kickers
I'm breaking the cycle of homelessness and this is my coffee music
Que hermosa cancion. Gracias Leonardo por la ref.
Leandro Garat
impresionante !
Love it from first sound!
I can sooo relate to this song...makes my day right every time i listen to it
Pürgatöry Priest
Great jam video. Blue collar workers rock!
Jason Hunt
Change in the scene if you know what I mean🤘🤘🤘
Always loved this song, it's from the "classic" Tesla era (the two brilliant albums that any self respecting rock fan in the world should have!).

There's a whole working hard thing going on but I'm surprised there's no "singing in cabs" thing?

What I mean is I remember, back in the day, reading an interview, where the singer said he practiced by singing in a big vehicle cab as he drove around (I imagined on an open cast mine or something)? :)

If I had a job like that, I'd do the same :)
Pascale Novion
This reminds me to Highway To Hell, still love Tesla