Tesla - Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)

Music video by Tesla performing Heaven's Trail (No Way Out). © 1989 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Tesla - Heaven's Trail (No Way Out) Смотреть онлайн
Dennis Steffensmeier
They looped these guys with the hair bands. unfair. These guys had much more talent.
Rick Williamson
well it's about time this original video got released on youtube! So good!
Spirit of God
Crank this one UP and blow the speakers Out
angel whispers
I'm on a slick trip
I'm always ready to kick ass

WOO hooooooo
Little Peace
💕🎸 🎶♪♫💕 Rock on!! ✌
Randy Thunder Audio
Awesome... I've seen them live 4 times. Great work TESLA. ROCK ON FRIENDS
Dave Harper
By the way, one of the greatest songs to witness live, been there a couple times. Take my word on it! That ending is a killer!
Giovanni Leiva
First group I ever saw live in concert, opened up for Poison in 1989. Great Radio Controversy had just been released and Heaven's Trail was all over the radio. Made me want to go see them that cold and snowy February night. Great memories!
Billy Cain
Maybe they're all time best song along with little Susie
Karmen M
No words can express my appreciation for these boys! Thank you for standing the test off time! I needed new jams to welcome a new chapter in life... SHOCK IS AWESOME!! You are just a great rock n roll band and most definitely my life's soundtrack...
Manuel Cavalier
Tesla stands the test of time I'm proud to live in the same city as Frank Hannon Gutiar God of Tesla #1 Badass Kickass Band Ever 🤘
Christina Carolus
❤️ 😎 ❤️ Man Alive! TESLA's Comin' to COLORADO! I Really Want to See These Guys
San dra
I'm always ready to kick ass! My favorite line😉😎
This is the third song I heard by them, I love it alot. It has to be my third favorite Tesla song
Just saw this live Last month and still perfect 👌😍💪🙌!!
🤟... 🖤🇵🇷
Alex Saucedo
Great SONG
Great guitar work
Great album
Love me some TESLA
Kenny Wheelus
Live this song by them.
Entropy Regen
I forgot about this song! Thank you YouTube for suggesting it!