Daryl Hall and John Oates perform Rich Girl


Daryl Hall and John Oates perform Rich Girl Смотреть онлайн
The Eric
Man, I love these guys. The absolute best that music has to offer. Real music.
Hombre Cobra
These men are my favourite drug 😊
Kelmė Varo
Yo. This channel uploaded. Very cool.
Heather Hill
This is absolutely one of My favorite song in this groups collection of works thank you 🙏 so much
Brenda Ruvalcaba
Me encanta Hall & Oates
Soy fan, saludos desde México!! ❤
Carlos Pacheco Guzman
Thanks for sharing...
Great memories!!
Hall and Oates forever!
katherine A. Rodgers
I have never underrated them. They were and are awesome!
Ohhhh... My favorite song!!! 😍
Today's a absolutely fantastic day because this and one month from today till Avengers Endgame! You guys are literally my favorite band
Cynthia Barrie
The most groovin' I've seen from John! Love the boots,too. :)
Mimi 1207
Love this song, love this band and this channel!
Tangela Thomas loves JESUS CHRIST
Love me Hall & Oates💕💕💕💕
Nate Murdoch
Hall & Oates is one of the most underrated group's in music history. I am so glad GTA has their music on in almost every one of their games.
Ray Lazarus
Perfect !!!
Heather Hill
Your awesome content and channel are amazing awesome and very valuable to me personally thanks 🙏 100000000 times infinity 😍😂🎩☝️😜🔥👩🏿🤘🥓😷🥩
Ralph Nabarrete Preciosidades Musicais
Maravilhoso! São Paulo vai ter um grande show com certeza!
kuohao Ma
thanks!! i still enjoy and sing it after 20 years :))
Willy limond
Dary y John son increíbles cantando,son lo máximo..
Chella Taylor
Thank You !
What a GREAT birthday gift Hall and Oats...Rock on......✌