Alt Bloom - October Eyes

A RadFox Production.

Director/Cinematographer: Skyler Bocciolatt

Editor: Canon Brownell

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(You get free drinks for life with a face like that)

All the lack of symmetry

Fits you so perfectly lady

Yes I fall with your clothes

Take em off hold me close baby

Those October eyes

Keep me up all night

Darling my sunrise

Is when you go

If God spends extra time

Didn’t waste a single dime on you

Bless your arms bless your breath

Singing songs to my chest

As we dance the crowd away


(Those October eyes)


(Darling my sunrise)


(Those October eyes)

Say you hate your little nose

Girl I love that little nose always

The way you sway in those jeans

Mean so damn much to me

Yea you do

Those October eyes

Couldn’t hold one lie

Got my heart so wide

Like windows and stereo

You are Mary for a hangover

Put some gasoline in my motor

Girl I’d buy a ring if I could afford to

Right now

You are Mary for a hangover

Put some gasoline up in my motor

Girl I’d buy a ring if I could afford to

Right now

October Eyes


Those October Eyes

Those October Eyes

(You are Mary for a hangover)

(Put some gasoline in my motor)

Those October Eyes

(Girl I’d buy a ring if I could afford to)

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Music video by Alt Bloom performing October Eyes. © 2019 BigMTN Records

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Toxic Slayer
This guy is amazing and should be more recognized
Lisa Matthews
Literally thought I couldn't love this song more than I did with just the audio, but yet again you've blown my mind, astoundingly so. Time and time again you amaze me with your talent and I couldn't be more proud of you, Ethan. Much love, and much appreciation for your music 💛💛💛
The song is beautiful. The lyrics are beautiful. The cinematography is beautiful. Everything about this is beautiful. You and the team involved did such an amazing job. 🙏🙏🙏
Love this song!! Could you create a guitar version please 😻😻😻
Support! 😌🤟❤️
Wickedly Gravitational
Love it!
Elisabeth Donati
Awesome. Great work!