Ngoma - Penya

Official music video by Ngoma performing “Penya”

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Director: Shamak Allharamadji

Producer: Dijay Karl

Executive Producer: Ngoma

Official “Penya” Lyrics


Bambewing, molo molo molo

Crase di follow me, I comot na elobi

Bakala de for ma skin, make I fresh lek coco leaf

[Verse 1]

En tout cas c'est là vie, à Ngo-Ketunjia on faire la vie

Même à Douala gars ont faire la vie, si tu Marque le but comme Omam-Biyik

La formule est toujours free, Juh hold all ting na for corner field

Quand tu breeze rester free, Belle-de-jour c'est pas facile

Comot bili-bili enter Whisky, Then you start to see things "nú menéené"

Witi representer for jealousy, Weh di chop na shit "kót lé mberé"

Nkéebe yi kwúble é jou'ntseme, Life now so na entertainment

She slay the queen then e born pikin dem, Né lôgé melége kôré Kresmeré


Comot Claquant buy ya tchingy na, Nyang-Nyang! Penya Penya!

Penya koko penya moto na, Nyang-Nyang! Penya Penya!

É Júmentseme le Nyang-Nyang e nova nya’a na Penya Penya!

Penya kaka Penya chackin na Penya Penya

Penya Penya! La vie da loca

Penya Penya sardine inside mpenga

[Verse 2]

All side now na wayo wayo lek na by force for smoke palo

No! Makero go enter frigo and you know-you know juh find ya own

Nayor nayor take am nayor nayor, then pusham lek sey you dey for labor

Nayor nayor take am nayor nayor, then pusham lek sey you dey for labor

Most of us dream bout future when all de time it’s in the mirror

But who got the sauce? Us Bruh! Now is the time to paint the picture

Some man compare start for hate you, other one chuck skin juh for Know you

Ototon nodi act a fool, back to roots you know who made the rule

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