Maggie Rogers - “Fallingwater” (Live On Austin City Limits)

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Maggie Rogers - “Fallingwater” (Live On Austin City Limits) Смотреть онлайн
Connor Malbeuf
I’ve never clicked something so fast in my life.
Connor Malbeuf
a song about pushing forward, strength, and coming in touch with your truth. A brilliant masterpiece.
Maria Joana Mayer De Mattos
Toda vez que escuto essa menina eu me arrepio, ta lokooo, tu é incrivél!!!
chaboa x
her live singing keeps getting better
I feel like this song would do really well with a choir in the background. It sounds so spiritual and uplifting. It's honestly my favorite song of hers 😍
Sim Racing India
She has taken over my mind n Soul.
I thot my ears would get tired of her voice but its been a week, so happy I stumbled upon this
uriel kom trikru
Imagine a collaboration with maggie, Florence and AURORA😍
Love the slight dryness in her voice when she moves to her upper register! Love ya’ Maggie!
Gary Stallings
Her energy on stage is so infectious
Emily H.
Thats crazy i was literally JUST crying to Say It and then she posted!!! Wow!!
Zach Fleming
This is always the best song live to show her vocal power💕😍😭🙌🏼🤧 so proud of her
Annajeze Jones
Im soo glad I got to see her at MassMoca. She is truly something special
Hannah Seward
i want that jumpsuit so bad and the glitter eyeshadow is so pretty
Wanderson Santos
Que mulher incrível! 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤
Love You!
Natalie Klein
all i’m saying is... this song live is an out of body experience and if you ever get a chance..DO IT
Ojo Blacke
Good performance, but she's been performing a lot so her vocal chords are apparently tender. She needs some precious rest. Sweet girl.
Mike Avender
she is my glitter twin <3
Your live shows are incredible! Love you/your band's live arrangements! Would love a live album release!!
louis lol
YES QUEEN !!! those vocals had me instantly <3 keep being golden
Nkululeko Duma
Now that's how you sing live. #unafraid