Miranda Lambert - Tequila Does (Lyric Video)

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Aeriel Bryson
One of the very few left who actually sing real country music. For those of us left who know what country really is...please don't ever stop Miranda!!
Christy McGrady
The beginning sounds like a willie nelson song.
Becky Keller
Omg Miranda sure knows how to write a great COUNTRY MUSIC song, this song is amazing! ❤👑🎤😭
This is why Miranda Lambert is the queen of Country Music, Miranda has that traditional Country Sound and rhythm that is loved by Country Music lovers. I love the song, it's what Country Music is all about. I live in Western Australia; Southwest area; it's cattle/horse country so I have an affinity with Texas cattle ranching and the ladies are extremely beautiful. Miranda, don't stop writing and sing great country songs. Have a fantastic weekend.
Rangers Fan Jill
Love everything from “Wildcard.” Miranda is on fire!
Kay Leigh
Im just a girl in Manchester, England wanting to move to Nashville, Tennessee and live my country girl fantasy.
william canaday
This song hit the spot for me ! I like it
"Tequila Does" big song lady you're a crazy songwriter loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you queen no you're A legend of country music
The Life Of Nikki Marie
Oh my gosh, I love this song!! Loving the traditional country sound. Miranda never disappoints.
Twisting Dervole
Yaaassss! Been waiting for it to drop and I was not disappointed! I love this song so much! You go, Miranda!
sheila wasik
I never liked her when she first came out. Then I started hearing that twang and seeing that attitude, I think she's great. That song was awesome. Loved it!
Elizabeth Griffin
God bless us Texas women! 🍻
Tamber Grable
I love how laid back and danceable it is. Wonderful again Miranda (:
Sharron Craven
Every single song that she put out from #Wildcard Album, has been ABSOLUTELY Amazing!! Can't wait to get my Pre-Ordered CD! So Excited!! Keep It Up Gorgeous Bad Ass! 💃🏼❤💣💥❣👍🎉🥃🍻🍾
Country through and through. And that’s coming from a Willie, Waylon, Johnny, Kris, Merle, and George fan.
Jill Schwab
Miranda did it again ❤👏
Mizuka Young
She's incredible! She and Carrie Underwood needs to do another duet together! I love both of those country women.
Mary Frank
Am I the only parent that heard “paw patrol” instead of “my pal patrón”
Lily S. Davis
"all hat no cattle" is from a MT government race commercial about Greg Gianforte💀😂🤣😂🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
I hear Ashley Monroe's voice in my mind on this song.