Lil Tjay - Mixed Emotions (Official Audio)

Official audio for "Mixed Emotions" by Lil Tjay.

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Lil Tjay - Mixed Emotions (Official Audio) Смотреть онлайн
Shmuel Huerta
Only og's can like this
Ethan Rosenfeld
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me: calls 911
911: what’s your emergency
me: lil tjay dropped album
911: okay fire department is on its way
Smelly would be proud 🙏🏾
Your crush will kiss you tomorrow

Like if you don’t care
Emelie Hodgin
Only the true fans can like this

Who's here before 1M Views?

Glitches Games
I hope everyone reading this finds success
Diego Draper
Who else gets annoyed with these try hard comments

lil Migs
Like if Tjay Better Than NBA Youngboy
“I can’t wait to take a picture next to nicki and wayne” 🥺
Whoever disliked this has a shit taste in music, this the most heat on the album 🔥⛈
Stop Dripriding
Brothers Resume Real Lil Tjay Fans Know That
Rich Ferguson
Who like this song out of all the songs he drop today

Drop a like if you feeling this song🔥🔥
SJ 2 Saucey
Don’t worry we will all make it one day🙏🏾🙏🏾Just like Lil Tjay
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I like Molly
If someone with a fortnite character as a profile pic comments don’t even read it cuh🤣

Everyone: Like if you’re here before 1M views
Swerve God
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To_ SpEeDy_ScOp3z
Damn people out here trynna get likes respect Tjay