Vargas & Lagola - Forgot To Be Your Lover (Audio)

Music video by Vargas & Lagola performing Forgot To Be Your Lover (Audio). © 2019 Salem Al Fakir Music AB / Baby Hurricane AB, Under exclusive license to Universal Music AB

Vargas & Lagola - Forgot To Be Your Lover (Audio) Смотреть онлайн
Seriously guys, I'm starting to think you can't make a bad song :D I enjoy every single thing you release, because you don't try to fit into what's "trendy" in music right now and you just do your thing. It would be nice to have your album in my CD collection - just saying :)
This sounds like the band America. Love it.
Oh lord they deserve million subs huhy😭
Greetings from Romania, peace and love towards you!! This song fit Tim❤️❤️❤️
Prash Vng
Pontare Al-Fekir :')
Mixed feelings...
Samara Morgan
OMG this song is totally amazing, i absolutely looove it! Well done guys!! Will there be a full album soon? Cause i definitely need more songs of you guys! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
dvd grc
Vargas & Lagola = peaceful songs ☺️😎
Semjon Joosten
The spirit of this song is so amazing! This deserves at least 100.000.000 streams!!!!
Leo Gustafsson
Snälla...gör ett avsnitt med musikproddpodden❤️
Marie Giulietta
I can't stop listening to your songs. Keep going, we want to hear more ❤
Bombas Locas Is Me :V
I like it! ❤️😍 But it still makes me feel angry that I can’t distinguish who is singing in which part or when both sing xD
Omer Taha
Avicii fan's
Alexis Int
Amazing as always! I'm obsessed with this song ❤️🍾
Lina Hämäläinen
Wow vilken låt!!! Ni är verkligen grymma på att göra musik😁
Rian Abrianto
Annelie Bohlin
Ni är bäst❤️
Maje Beelai
Abir Muhammad Sakib
Vincent and Salem never fail to please me by their work. Take love from Bangladesh. ❤️🇧🇩