Camila Cabello - Easy (Audio)

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Alex Rsa
Like si eres latinoamericano y te encantó easy❤️
Zara Alam
Who is here before 15 million???
itsh yah_ girl taeja

Camila: makes a new song every 2 days
Daniel Silva
Brasileiros / Portugueses que estão aqui 🇧🇷🇵🇹❤

there is not a song that I don't like from her, she's so talented and creative
This is proof that you are here before 1M
smile-shine walker
Quien ama a mi camilita?
Rishabh Singh
Who is here before 5 million views??? HIT LIKE
Queen Nana
I loved Camila for years and all of her songs she’s always been one of my favorites
sekhar bandaru
Who loves Camila
Jennie Soyaa
Like, who is here before 1 million
joolokeni shangano
Camila: Anything else?

Me: YEEEESS we want more!!!
Jamie Online Gaming
Director: We have to think of a new song again Camila.
Camila: Easy
Gabi Albuquerque
Lana Del Rey - Love Song
Taylor Swift - Lover
Camila Cabello - Easy

Tomando conta do meu coração
Wheverton Medeiros
Quem É Fã Dela Deixa Um Like 😍😍
Alexandra Espinoza
Like si eres de Latín América

Vanessa Stadler
"Você realmente me conheçe
O futuro e o passado
Todos os labirintos e loucuras em minha mente
Você realmente me ama
Você me conheçe e me ama
E esse é o tipo de coisa que eu sempre esperei encontrar"❤
Ariana’s Tea
Why does this song make me so emotional, probably cause I’m waiting for that one person who makes it less hard to love myself, probably never. Camila you’re just amazing.
Ashwina Agarwal
2015- Aha hayey
2018- Oh na na
2019- Ooh lalala

2019- Oh no no no
2019- Ha ha ha ha ha

2023- I DO DO DO DO
Abigail Gomez
Los latinos que aman a Camila
Que dejen su like👍❤