DCappella - Circle of Life/He Lives in You

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Music video by DCappella performing Circle of Life/He Lives in You. © 2019 Walt Disney Records

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MLBB ProfessoR
Who's here before this wonderful video reaches 1million views?

Randomgirl 1000
Who loves lions leave a like
I know u aren’t going to like it
Give me some love 😩🥺
Vanessa Smith - The Ultimate Fangirl
This is so good! DCappella never disappoints! I reaallllly wish that I could've gone to their concert when they came to my state. :(
Tahina Parlak
After watching Speechless, I am a crazy fan of this group
Glenn Dordain
I'm watching this cuz I'm a big fan of The Lion King my favorite Disney movie well go to the second place is beauty and the beast 3th place we'll be Aladdin😁
Hillary Bajulaiye
This makes me get over the fact we all had to witness musaffa's death many years ago❤️
India Lavoyce
I’m just here for He Lives In You 💖
Que hermoso
Me parece hermoso que las personas se esmeren tanto en algo tan bonito 💋💝💖😍😘
no one:
random ppl: yOuTuBe iS On cRAck
Lisa Maria van Harmelen
He lives in you is such an underrated song. I loved that song so much when I was little and I still do. I'm glad it get's attention once again.
Destini Stephens
The black girl voice took me out!!!
I love how they included both lion king movies here 😊
Yael Trejo
ME encantan como cantan chicos, son los mejores, aunque no estaría mal al que también cantaran la de When Can i See you again? O la de You've Got a Friend in Me, me encantaría que cantaran esas y la de Try Everything
Oh my god I’m in absolute love with this
Artsy k
Whose the girl with the curly hair. Her voice is so unique
Joyce Alencar
Eu sou brasileira, e estou apaixonada por esse clipe, vocês são incríveis demais. Que luz, quanta alegria e felicidade!! ❤️ You are Incredibles ❤️ I love you so much ❤️
Oh My Lorrd
Disney, you better be paying them a lot of money!!

Please come to Japan again🇯🇵
I am gonn swear to see if Disney will get rid of my comment
Curt Clark
From medley to mashup in 0.5. I don't think I've ever heard my 2 favorite Disney songs blended so seamlessly before. Surprising, considering how obvious it seems in hindsight.

This was magnificent, and a wonderful tribute to two movies that shaped my adolescence (for better or worse).