Badflower - The Jester

Music video by Badflower performing The Jester. © 2019 Big Machine Records / John Varvatos Records

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All the feels, man. Well done, Badflower!
Nicki T
If your intent was to touch people’s hearts, you’ve done it again.
Spacoot 64
The guy who disliked this must have too many tears in his eyes an misclicked
Emma is a llamacorn
This really breaks my heart. This culture really does demonize and dehumanize homeless people and it makes me so angry and sad. Everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect.
Jeremiah Pippin
I’m a veteran on the verge of homelessness. This song hit me in a way no other could.
Zoe P
I'm seeing them live tomorrow AND IM NOT PREPARED
Émilie Saucier
He thought the little girl was there for him but he was there for her 😭
soi boi
Those 3 kids who beat him up are the dislikes
Only one more to go
Olive N
i’m crying and i’m crying at school and this ain’t funny i’m gonna cry
og lifeline
"Just say you want me just say you need me" makes me emo every time
jenna lynn
can’t wait to get my heart torn apart again
I'd actually love to know the backstory to Jester and Move Me and all of those songs, because there were already acoustic versions out "from the hideout", and I can't any information about that...
Colin McCaffrey
Who’s that hot guy with the beard
Victoria Strang
Who the homeless man? He is good looking, great song.
Charity Mason
I’m probs gonna be tearing up again. Do you guys like having us cry? 😂😂😂
Deveyne Creations
Why on God’s green earth would you break my heart like that? I’m not crying YOU’RE CRYING
Hannah Elizabeth
My heart literally broke when he saw the lost dog sign. You guys are phenomenal. Love your music. It has really helped me. ❤️❤️
Darren Parker
Why you release this on a day my allergies are flared up?! 😭
Amanda Q
I listened to this song on repeat for a solid 2 months, only slightly kidding.
Melissa Hart
I promised myself i wouldn't cry.
I lied.
Dont stop being you.
This world needs more of this.