Walker Hayes - Don't Let Her (Official Video)

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Walker Hayes
What the heck is up. I have NEVER been more excited to share such a personal video with all y’all. So hype for Friday but also excited to be chatting with you on here throughout the week. Leave your comments and I will hit chu back…
Walker Hayes
Only a few more days...
Jody and Matt
This is the cutest thing I’ve seen in my entire life.
laynie white
this is literally the best thing ever...i just sent this to my boyfriend... 🤷🏻‍♀️
Hannah Joy Thompson
I think my favorite parts are when the kiddos or Laney are just singing along without a care in the world.. Oh and also the brother pounding the sisters head in the couch cushion😹 (I’ve got 5 siblings I know how that goes)
Love this, Walkerrr, so proud of you!! 😁
Walker- that’s a HIT. Fitting it’s about y’all ☺️ - MMK
Ashley Mize
My husband and I just watched the video and he's like OMG that song is you. Everything in that song is you except we better not watch friends without you and your favorite season is football. He was crying when it was playing cause he would hope that I would be happy if something would happen to him, but I have epilepsy really bad and if something were to happen to me I would hope him and the kids would be happy without me.
Bente Bezooijen
Omg so excited that this song finally got a video - it's THE CUTEST song ever
Leslie Miller
You’re sitting on the couch with your shoes on though! Take them off dad, it’s family time. The video is great Hayes family!!!!! It was great to see all of you in Dewey DE this summer.
Brandi Fowler
This song hits me so hard having a 5 year old with the person I had a crush on for 12 years (he was my older sisters friend) I love him to death but I would want him to be happy and I think he’d feel the same. I literally grew up around him and he knows me inside and out. We have a 4 1/2 year old together and I couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else ❤️❤️❤️
Delbert Tharp
This is an amazing song from an amazing artist. Saw him live in Kokomo Indiana and cannot wait until he comes back for another show.
Karis Fuqua
your house is always so full of laughter and fun. i love this song and all of you guys!! tell lela i said hi ;)
Reece Golke
3:08 dead 😭
Jessica Mayer
This hit home cuz my man passed about 5 months ago and I cant love again
Jamie Faber
Walker Hayes, we just love you! Listened to your CD on my way to work today💓😊that you signed at Joe’s Live in Rosemont IL almost 2 years ago...probably one of your last free meet n greets 😉😉😉! Can’t wait to see the video Friday and YOU in December in chicago!
Harry Ingle
Paula and I have known Walker and Laney since 2006 at the condo with Laney's parents Doug and Pam. He is a real down to earth person who we follow in his music. Bless you and your beautiful family.
Christy York
Great song loved it. It's gonna be a hit🔥💯✔
Isabel Gonzalez
Cried all the time while watching it on repeat!
Made my 😭 . Y'all are the BEST! GOD bless !
Laina Rowe
OMG Walker this is by far one of my fav songs of yours (this and 90's country). When are you coming back to Orlando?? I met you there on your tour and it was such a great concert!!! LOVE YOU