Next Town Down - Wonderin' (Official Video)

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y’all are SOOO underrated, it’s crazy
Aries Murrell
Anybody else notice T had a whole ass bed on the beach?? He got it like that?? 🤣😍💀
The Cortenator
R&B ain't dead yet, these dudes is rockin' it.
Delovely Mar
Yes I'm definitely "Wonderin" why this song isn't on the radio or why you guys aren't bigger than you already are 🤔❤️
Naomi Musau
These harmonies made my cramps go away😩❤❤
Who else was here from the live stream?

Luana Fernandes
I came fast like 911 in white neighborhoods
The way they just catfished my entire life, thought this was some soft cute shit by the beach these lyrics SIR 😩😩😩😩😩
Titilayo Onuekwe
My Malik sings enough, but Leon baby has to sing more.
Happiness Pendo
Reminder set ✔️
Make sure that all social media accounts are logged in to share✔️
Put countdown on Instagram ✔️
Try to remain patient ✔️
Told everyone about premier ✔️
I think that I'm ready🤙 who else is?
Cindy Kazingale
Wamii. M
Tre's vocals🔥🔥🔥
Use me as a proud button
Alicia TV
Y’all done grew up too fast on me 🥺 I remember when y’all just hit 100k on YouTube now y’all almost a milli
Zakkiyya Revell
Terence and Leon vocals were so on point so was tre, Malik and Chris too
90’s R&B Lover
Reminder set! I’m just gonna say it was 🔥 🔥🔥before the premiere even starts because it’s Next Town Down. Everything y’all do is 🔥🔥🔥
Ty Willis
Made sure my reminder was set 😋❤
Jasmine Caldwell
The cinematography though🥰
Christina Norton
Chris...ok I’m done
Ashley Nicole
I swear Malik gets me every time 😫😫