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Shawty, what yo name is?

Uh uhhh

Them hustlas keep on talkin'

Uh uhhh

The like the way I'm walking

Uh uhhh

You saying that you want B?

So press record and let you film me

On your video phone

Make a cameo

Tape me on your video phone

I can handle you

Watch me on your video phone

On your video, video

If you want me you can watch me on your video phone

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This is what I call , ICONIC DUO
Trey Official
2018 anybody ?🤗
Lo M
E V E R Y T H I N G . Even in 2k17.
Amber Nyle
I'm watching in 2017 on my video phone
Lucas M
Am I the only one who has tried to do the Gaga-Beyoncé chair choreography, but miserably failed?
Genesis Benavides
Underrated song
Old Hollywood Glam
Gaga brought me here
Jasmine Edwards
Having a beyonce throw back marathon just cuz I love her music I must admit I do have an obsession with her 👑🐝😂💯maybe a lot
Metrages Africains
Lady GABI 2017, yes baby. Who still watching and enjoying this song? That same taste though.
KP !!!
Beyoncé was so damn thick in this video, oh my god! 😍
Beonce always looking good no matter what size she's a queen.
Mariam Akerman
man 2009 was a magical year for music industry, ersly nowadays in 2018 music quality sucks so i am just runing down the old but gold playlist
TH Little Monster
Queen B ft Queen Gaga = iconic
the end uh uh's make me so uncomfortable
Ana Maia
Who is watching in 2017?!?! BRR BRR
Cindy Chao
omg i miss this so bad
Anailza Barbosa
salad gott
Gaga lowkey lookin like a bird
Anele 01
2:11 Bey invented the nae nae
Gricelda Velasquez
who every don't like her video is crazey