Ringo Starr - Grow Old With Me (Lyric Video)

‘What’s My Name’, Ringo’s 20th studio album, features brand new recordings with special guests Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Edgar Winter, Steve Lukather & Dave Stewart.

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Music video by Ringo Starr performing Grow Old With Me (Lyric Video). © 2019 Roccabella, Inc.

Ringo Starr - Grow Old With Me (Lyric Video) Смотреть онлайн
Thizbe Sylvan
they are using John Lennon's handwritten lyrics throughout the music video!!!!!
Grow Old With Me was one of the last songs Lennon wrote, and featured on the famous Bermuda Tapes: A collection of demos Lennon recorded in 1980 with producer Jack Douglas.

Ringo was prompted to record his version after discovering John had given an unexpected introduction on the tape.

"I had no idea about this song," Ringo says, "I bumped into Jack this year and he says, 'Did you ever hear the cassette?'

"I said, 'What cassette?'

"He said, 'Of John doing the songs! Doing the demos in Bermuda!'

"I said, 'No, never heard it,' and so he says, 'Well, I'll get it for you'.

"So anyway, he had the cassettes and he downloaded it onto a CD for me. At the very beginning of this CD, John says, 'Oh, that sounds like a good song for Richard Starkey. This would be great for you, Ringo'. I still well up thinking about it.
jeff wilder
Paul McCartney is playing Bass guitar
TheBeatles Experience
They say Avengers Endgame was the best event of 2019

Miss Pepper
We love Ringo and we will always Remember John Lennon ⭐👓✌️
Marc Raccioppo
Two Beatles and an Eagle on this track.... The Beagles!
you don't have to make us cry like this ringo
John would be very happy, I think. Just a shame I can't really hear Paul. He's supposedly on this track.
Joaquim Duarte
Ringo's voice sounds exceptionally tender in this song. ❤
Very nice heartwarming rendition by Ringo. Chord structure is very similar to John’s demo. John would have loved this version.
Don Feik
At 3:03 Ringo in the background says "God bless you, John" :'(
Stanzi Azirey
Ringo: releases music
Me: happy human noises
Tanner Johnson
Wow...this is just a beautiful version of, honestly, a very sad song to listen to for me. Every time I hear John’s unfinished demo, I’m just reminded of all the rest of the great songs that he never got to complete. I really believe that John Lennon had so much more great music to give to the world...but sadly, we’ll just never know what could and should have been. Ringo really does this song justice. He’s in great voice...and the arrangement is wonderful! Suits the song perfectly. A big thank you to Ringo, for doing this wonderful tribute to John Lennon...whom we all very deeply miss.
Fred Sherman
Wonderful! My eyes were wet as I looked at my husband's picture. He died June 30th and would have loved this song.
Mark M
00:03 - "I'm not crying, you're crying..." Thank you, Ringo ✌♥
fancypantszak _
A shame it was autotuned, so it doesn't sound as good as it could have.
Heorge Garrison
This sounds like a lullaby its so sweet :)
Matthew brophy
3:02 - Am I the only one hearing "God bless you John"?
Piano: Paul
Drums: Ringo
Lead Guitar and chorus: John
2nd guitar and solo: George

Michele Paccione
“Here Comes the Sun” at 1:40 in the string section.