Guru feat. Commom - State Of Clarity


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neo newman
C.R.E.A.M.- Cats Rule Everything Around Me
Hugh Tahoob
"protect my mind with 9s cause it shines more than jewelry"

love that line lol
Kristian Tranchev
From Fritz the Cat (1972).
R.I.P Guru...
yakuza moon.
Love how the cops are pigs tho
Check out the movie used in this video, Fritz the Cat, awesome animated movie 10/10
Black Goliath
One of Common's greatest verses
Justin Simpson
Love Guru RIP bro gone to soon.
great Mc's, great Beat, just Real hip hop...I have no more comments for that piece of pure art. Respect from MOZAMBIQUE
Rachendra Pyakurel
Powerful song.
Alan de Oliveira
2018, who is in tha house???
Karabo Tsatsi
Be so clear in 2019!!!
10 hours of Knatterton sent me here.
Brenx Beats
Hey All. To answer some questions about the video, I edited this as well as several others for Guru and Solar (I'm Jazzy, Jazzy Ways, Step In To The Arena, to name a few). They were always very nice to me and I was saddened by Guru's passing. Solar came to me with the idea of using footage from this classic animated film 'Fritz The Cat' in the video, but no real guidelines as to how. In the past, I had done some spoof re-edits (guess they're called 'mash-ups') which you can see in my channel. Anyway, I started syncing some of the lyrics to dialogue of the characters, and they loved it, so I tried to do that as much as possible with Common as the cat and Guru as the crow. And then just fill in where it seemed somewhat relevant to the lyrics and rhythm.

Looking back, I probably tried to force the 'syncing' a bit too much. But the song is so nice that it hopefully all blends together into a vibe. Anyway, again I always liked working with those guys.
"Commom" Do you mean Common?
Avon Terra
Yeah, please change the name to "Common"
Not Commom... Thanks :)
Szabó Zsolt
I've been on the search for this video since 2013, finally found it.
who invited mr i dont give a fuck
Rip guru one of the smartest mc's