Gang Starr - Rite Where You Stand ft. Jadakiss

Music video by Gang Starr performing Rite Where You Stand. © 2003 Virgin Records

Gang Starr - Rite Where You Stand ft. Jadakiss Смотреть онлайн
DJ Premier is the best producer in the history of hip hop, no doubt.
keep that 2019 old school premo
Chandra Star
That blanked censoring makes it damn near impossible to enjoy.
I remember this video when it came out. This whole song changed my life. Went from angry white boy listening to Eminem to straight listening to New York boom bap since. Jay to da Muah And I leave you right where you stand
- "Cuz' right now I'm currently a slave for Interscope".

Imagine that conversation with them when they heard Jada dropped that bar.
I hope the rumor that DJ Premier's working on another gang Starr album is TRUE!
Get The F Outta Here
C'mon with this over censorship ruining a dope song . Bu****it
Perverted Alchemist
Although some folks hated on it, I liked their album "The Ownerz".
Ricardo Bullefer
BRO whats up with the censorship bruh! that old one is better, fucc the offical
marcell brollem
i dont care what anyone says....the owners was a good album.
DJ Premier doesn't have one bad song
Gang Starr for life
Matt George
yo can we get the unedited version?
Warona Chingapani
If y'all stop uploading..somebody is gonna catch these hands. This is pure gold! RIP GURU
Keep bringing all the Guru music coming!!!!
Why are a lot of the words censored?
Jesse James
Go to all uploads and just hit : PLAY ALL
Rockfeller Alexandre
This better get at least 12M views #guninmywaistknifeinmyhand
Shits straight lit.
I appreciate the uploads but I can't stand the censorship lol, makes it unbearable to watch :/