GURU - Jazzy Wayz


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Rachendra Pyakurel
People be dissing Guru based on a few new millennium tracks specially knowing what he was going thru smdh

The only thing disrespect here is you lot picking up on a dead man. Sad!
Solar just ruin his carreer talent and life....
Shawn Gates
This not a bad song but you can tell he was sick by his voice tone shit is sad to even watch RIP GURU 😢😢😢😢😢
F. Harrison
R.I.P. GOD ✊💯
Mychael Jenkins
Music choice bought me here,memories
Ludaja DoJaja
@RikAmmo LOL, That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw these 2 on here, that Solar laced Guru with some exctasy but now my man is gone so R.I.P Guru
The wackness level of this track is amazing. I don't know what beef Guru got with Premier but he needs to get over it.
Daryl Shields
The one, the only, guru the great <3
Martin Mahmood
hahahaha cant believe this is guru!
@arpmcpie ?+? what? I was just saying i got the same clothes. Just an obvservation. The music is great
Champ, and champ lives for a while in Earth with assholes. RIP guru
Patchis O'houlihan
Maybe the vid makes the portayal different
T Kong
@Renaud Villacis This is one of the wackest guru songs I ever heard smh wish he never left preemo and solar sucks !!!!
F. Harrison
All Speculations Aside...I Love This Song...Guru Did him on this Track...Although i understand why ppl are upset...i was in prison @ the time this came out and when he died...But for the End of his Life on earth...This song Would have Been A Banger had he Still been with Premo💯💯💯💯💯
@arpmcpie No problem
that's random. I got the same clothes as two inthis video. I got the barbed wire tee the second breakdancer got, and the acomplice hoodie that guy chillin two gurus righ has. That's kinda random, as both are pretty uncommon.
Frankie Black
Best song, without Premo.. R.I.P.
@farbrorblo sorry, it was a misunderstanding...
Alex Butt
dear lord... solar is... well now its just too easy.