Gang Starr - Code Of The Street

Music video by Gang Starr performing Code Of The Street. © 1994 Virgin Records America, Inc.

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Sunny Dee
One thing I really loved about guru is he rarely says "nigga" he either says son, homie ect.
Perverted Alchemist
This song still knocks 25 years later!
Hydra Ultra
People don't even know who Guru Is its So Fucken Sad LEGENDS Never Die.
Budda Bless
When hip hop was good and you had no biting.
Guru rip
Veer Pal
Man I miss Guru

Terra Bull
Guru is hip hop personified. His voice resonates with me differently. RIP Guru the God.
Kuz I Can Krew
This reminds me of back when people actually made good music.
34 Kubes
Oldschool​ neverdie
ceo5000 stony island
The Energy was great when this dropped at the time salute GangStarr
King James
I remember watching this on Rap city almost every day back in 94. Man.... Memories. High school
Est lhm
When Every word could be heard. this is the type of rap I enjoy. Take your mind on a trip
Darryl Woodbury
These were the Golden days of Hip Hop. Before the so called "artists" these days started wearing skinny jeans and dressing feminine and everyone thinks it's cool.
Elvin Solano
Gang Starr was always about speaking truth to power. R.I.P. Guru forever
Jeff A.E.
That like to dislike ratio tho 👀 should be 0 dislikes tho
Guru blessing us forever
from above the clouds
♾ 🙏🏽
Kevin Dean
Guru is long over due for his just DUE facts I remember him coming to Phoenix Arizona for a show it was the illest show I ever seen to date
Back when cabs refused to go to brooklyn 😂😂😂
Genaro Sanchez
Gangstarr one of my favs rest easy 🙏
Johnny Bats
Miss this era 2019
Thought it was Allen Iverson in thumbnail