Gang Starr - Who's Gonna Take The Weight?

Music video by Gang Starr performing Who's Gonna Take The Weight?. © 1990 Virgin Records America, Inc.

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- Family & Loyalty has introduced new-er Hip Hop heads to the legacy of another legend - ✔ ☑ ✅
Arturo Gaúcho
Listen to this in the south of France 🇫🇷
Thank You Guru and DJ Premier .
Sipho Sylvester Mampe
South Africa Johannesburg, Stand Up
This will always be fire 🔥
"Knowledge is power, and knowledge can be the difference between life
or should know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

[Verse 1]
I was raised like a Muslim
Prayin' to the East
Nature of my life relates rhymes I release
like a cannon
Cuz I been plannin' to be rammin' what I wrote
straight on a plate down your throat
So digest as I suggest we take a good look
At who's who while I'm readin' from my good book
And let's dig into every nook and every cranny
Set your mind free as I slam these thoughts
And just like a jammy goes pow [FX: Gunshots]
You're gonna see what I'm sayin' now
You can't be sleepin'
cuz things are gettin' crazy
You better stop being lazy
There's many people frontin'
And many brothers droppin'
All because of dumb things, let me tell you somethin'
I've been through so much that I'm such
a maniac, but I still act out of faith
that we can get the shit together so I break
on fools with no rhymes skills messin' up the flow
And people with no sense who be movin' much too slow
And so, you will know the meaning of the Gang Starr
Guru with the mic and Premier raise the anchor
swiftly, as we embark on a journey
I had to get an attorney
I needed someone to defend my position
Decisions I made, cuz now it's time to get paid
And ladies, these rhymes are like the keys to a dope car
Maybe a Lexus or a Jaguar
Still, all of that is just material
So won't you dig the scenario
And just imagine if each one is teachin' one
We'll come together so that we become
A strong force, then we can stay on course
Find your direction through introspection
And for my people out there I got a question
Can we be the sole controllers of our fate?
Now who's gonna take the weight?

[Verse 2]
The weight of the world is heavy on my mind
So as my feelings unwind I find
That some try to be down just cuz it's trendy
Others fall victim to envy
But I'll take the road less travelled
So I can see all my hopes and my dreams unravel
Relievin' your stress, expressin' my interest
In the situation that you're facin'
That's why I'm down with the Nation
Spirituality supports reality
We gotta fight with the right mentality
So we can gain what is rightfully ours
This is the meaning of the chain and the star
Land is power, so gimme forty acres
Let's see how far I can take ya
Original invincible
That's how I'm lookin' at it
I use my rhymes like a Glock automatic
Any means necessary, I'm goin' all out
Before the rains bring the nuclear fallout
So let me ask you, is it too late?
Ayo, who's gonna take the weight?
Budda Bless
Still know every word to every tune gangstarr ever made.
This is top 3
Moment of truth
Above the clouds.
Eddy mmm
Guru takes on the weight even after so many years
Marsel Music
Guru was always Wise, here he's 28-29 years old, but he's dropping truth bombs
The Youth should listen and be inspired by this Holy group !! Peace !
ultra inferno
The golden age of hip hop
Om3arbi Rebeu
Marcel Polanetz
Loved this in GTA IV..
GTA series always had respect for old school tracks.
The flow is sick the beat not so much very public enemy sounding but not in a good way
Without any diss like until now
Loving all the re-uploads!keep em coming!!!brings back memories
Pete Rosario
Gangstarr guru R.I.P. dj premier the dynamic duo
Gennady Golovkin
Portugal here caralho! Rip GURU 🇵🇹
Pravin Kumar
This just got posted? Bumping it in the south of India y’all! ❤️
Indigo Child
Babylon must burn ☄️☄️☄️