René and Georgette Magritte with Their Dog After the War (Live from Copenhagen)

In The Blue Light

About the album:

Produced by Simon and Roy Halee, who have worked together since the 1960s, the album features collaborations with a diverse array of artists who have joined Simon to lend fresh perspectives on 10 of the artist's favorite (though perhaps less-familiar) compositions drawn from the five-decade span of his illustrious solo career. Revisiting his repertoire, Simon has selected songs originally appearing on There Goes Rhymin' Simon (1973), Still Crazy After All These Years (1975), One-Trick Pony (1980), Hearts and Bones (1983), The Rhythm of The Saints (1990), You're The One (2000) and So Beautiful Or So What (2011), refreshing and transforming the compositions through new arrangements and a talented cast of guest musicians. Among the many artists joining Simon on In The Blue Light are jazz icons trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, guitarist Bill Frisell, drummers Jack DeJohnette and Steve Gadd and chamber ensemble quintet yMusic.

René and Georgette Magritte with Their Dog After the War (Live from Copenhagen) Смотреть онлайн
Marek Pocestný
beautiful arrangement of a fantastic song - the level of Simon's songwriting is unmatched, 99 percent of current pop music is a joke compared to Simon's songs, he is a giant and a true legend
Yvette Savo
Paul Simon is a musical genius.
How is it possible that this man's voice only gets better over time?!
Cade Wookrah
Please release the whole show!! 😍
Phil O Brien
This for me is the first properly beautiful track from the remade selection on In The Blue Light that I've heard so far. The woodwind instruments at the beginning and end are fluid yet intangible - like a warm jungle breeze that can bring pleasure to the nose and lungs, yet cannot quite be grasped. Paul's beautifully expressive voice quivers with so many seasons having passed since 1983, and still maintains a subtle strength that wisdom has provided.

As such, the sweet surreality of the original has matured and gained a lovely hue, like leaves turning orange in early autumn.

I can picture an ageing couple dancing to this, a slow waltz, as time too is a slow waltz, cheek to cheek, wrinkles on wrinkles, with all the love still there, unaltered, only deepened, by years of joys and sadnesses.

The live version here is all the more sweet for seeing the man himself and those around him so into the moment. 35 years in the making, an eternity awaits.
Thank you so much for your existence 💕
Avi Elkharrat
Man, you're a master !
The emotion is so powerful!
That mix is fantastic!

I'm missing words, here.

THX Paul !
Ipek Ebru YILDIZ
Rene Magritte is my favourite painter and I love the song
I had the honor and privilege of seeing him last night in his Homeward Bound Farewell Tour - what a thrill that was. Been a fan since he started singing... A master songwriter.
James Kendall
Simon was great at hollywood bowl recently. We turned our collars to the cold and
damp but that's another song. After the war there was peace but then another war.
Everyone knows this. Remember what Santiago Romon y Cahal figured in the '30s.
Paul knows all about this. Sure since the 1700s or so this is what to do.
elyse marshall hook
This song has an effect on me that I can't explain. It carries me away.
Aad van Vliet
Saw this in Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, so beautiful (or what 😉), brought tears in my eyes
Rafael Pereira
Man...that voice is intact and fully expressive.
Cern Green
Definitely my favorite song on Paul's latest "Blue Light" CD.
Easy Peasy DIYS
Amazing thanks paul
Brenda Pugh
Brilliant performance !
Warren Corman
Saw him in Newark last Saturday...simply glad I got to see him during his last hurrah.  I doubt any artist in their 20s today will be celebrated and enjoyed 50+ years later as Paul Simon.  God Bless him.
ALL My Love 😍 Please yes Please put up the CONCERT 🎭☕️🌞
Stephen Jules Rubin
lovely...we got to catch him on his farewell tour in denver recently . and sending his new album which drops today in the blue light to my mom whos bday is also the very same day . lol
Uke Canduet
Absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to see the show in South Florida tomorrow night. Thank you for posting this.