Paul Simon - The Boxer (from The Concert in Hyde Park)

Music video by Paul Simon performing The Boxer (from The Concert in Hyde Park). (C) 2017 Sony Music Entertainment

Paul Simon - The Boxer (from The Concert in Hyde Park) Смотреть онлайн
Paulo oliveira
Com certeza na Musica, assim deveria ser na vida, todos juntos é muito melhor, sozinho só na tristeza e no sofrimento, devemos dar o nosso melhor juntos pois sozinha não somos nada, apenas uma pedra perdida no tempo e sem nenhuma importância para a o mundo, no qual damos sentido e significado com nossa vida neste mundo.ANO 2018
Dave Brewer
Paul Simon is a True National Treasure . One of America's Greatest Song Writers & Poets . And my Musical Life would not be complete were it Not for Simon & Garfunkel .
Almir Moreira
Any tear rolling down in 2019?
Any memories now?
Danny L
Still, a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.
Betty Calderley
Paul Simon...
Musical wizard... Still delivers..
This guy is a genius...
Godbless you Paul 💖 xx 😃
Howbo Sanap
Just found out im seeing him for my 30th birthday. I seriously have dried tears on my face. Snot.
mike collins
Brilliant artist, Paul Simon is on the Mount Rushmore of American songwriters.
Gautier Wilhem
The end of our love story for ever....Paul, you have the same firstname of my dad..
Imre Gálóci
Gyönyörű és MAGYAR !!!
Fan fron Tokio Japan...
Micheline Bernatchez
Merci frère d'âme pour autant d'amour . d'une âme en exil, au Québec .
I just found lemmy kilmister at 4:38 moreless in the center XDD
Walter P. Carpes Jr.
Tears here... <3
Seth Corteza
Huuuuuwowwwww ilove it..😍😍😍
Love for ever
Jorge Camacho
I love how he performs in from of thousands and he is like... like playing his guitar siting alone on his couch on a pleasant Sunday afternoon.
Francette Marseille
perfect !
Pascal papou
Soud of
Dominik Skorpion
Immenso Paul Simon .... ciao da Salerno (Italy)
Mohammed Alouan
Peace, love and friiendship from MOROCCO.