"Affirmation" (Space Between, Chapter 9) - Sammy Hagar & The Circle

Affirmation is Chapter 09 from The Circle's debut studio album "Space Between"

Space Between' film enacts the album's themes of "money, greed, enlightenment and truth," following the arc of a gluttonous lead character with plenty of pig-masked actors hoarding cash and snorting cocaine. By the time of "Affirmation," the ninth "chapter" in the film, the lead is beginning to see the error of his ways and, according to Hagar, 'gets all puffed up and thought he was cool and goes to Vegas and gets taken down by the big boys.

"Affirmation" (Space Between, Chapter 9) - Sammy Hagar & The Circle Смотреть онлайн
Mike still has the best backing voice in music.
Shawn Ryan
Love the message! Love the groove! Love the harmonies! Love the song! Love that at 71 SAMMY HAGAR IS STILL KICKING ASS!!!
Michael Bruce
Now this is a good song. Poor Eddie tossed out the computer when he fired Sammy. 🤔
Lalmuanpuia Pachuau
Nice to see Sammy and Mikey alive and kicking, stay blessed and keep on rocking!!
N 5150
I’m glad to hear you speak of Jesus, Sammy.
Stephen Lord
Proof that the Van Halen brothers really missed the boat on this one!
Andre Chasseraux
Eddie is missing a huge opportunity to put Van Halen on track again.
Call Sammy and Mike back back to the band!!! I love Dave but he's done.
Dorf Googlesteen
Finally music with subliminal messages that aren't bad for you they're actually good messages thanks Sammy
My favorite track on the new album.
Rusty Kage
Kick ass song!!!!!! Hard to believe the best get better
Alison Penelope Pitstop Scarborough
Now this is a song with a message. Top shelf Awesomeness. Enjoying the new album. Turn it up to 11. Beers n Cheers to you. 🤘🍻💜👍🙂
Jeff Hoot
Letting Big RED get away was the mistake of a lifetime for Alex & Eddie.
Brandon Long
That synth gives me that OU812 vibe I love it
Rusty Kage
Best singer on the planet
Jim McIntosh
I love being a part of the debut! Thanks guys! Keep rockin'!
Larry Benson
Love Love Love this Track!
Matt Hughes Music
Great new tune!
My favorite song on this entire album. The minute I heard those riffs from guitar by Vic whoa whoa whoa just amazing. The lyrics are very spiritual and say a lot about what money is really about and what it's not about and the fact that it's okay to have money it's the greed and love of money that's the problem. Sammy has outdone himself and this album went number one on three different charts and debuted at number 4 on the Billboard top 200. I am so proud of these guys and never more proud to be a Redhead Sammy rocker fan in my life. Get this album if you don't have it. Chapter 1 through 10. All indications is that he's going to be doing a follow-up album to this one and that will be pretty exciting.
Dorf Googlesteen
Sammy I just found out that you're the same as me Scottish and Italian I guess you have a little English mixed in but I'm full-blooded Italian Scottish father's full blood Scottish mother's full blood Italian pretty cool brother from another mother keep on rockin brother love you man
Todd White
Abacab keyboard at beginning.