"Space Between" Film - Sammy Hagar & The Circle

“Space Between” is an experimental short film based on Sammy Hagar & The Circle’s concept album of the same name. The movie follows the main character, John, through a gluttonous and greed-filled arc of his life where newly inherited money consumes him as he chases an endless circle of drugs, gambling and parties. After bottoming out, he must make a choice to go back to that lifestyle or confront his own demons and begin a path toward enlightenment and truth.

Featuring music by Sammy Hagar & The Circle

Directed/Edited by: ZZ Satriani

Executive Producer: Sammy Hagar

Produced by: ZZ Satriani, Ethan Anderson, Joe Siegal

"Space Between" Film - Sammy Hagar & The Circle Смотреть онлайн
Tim Allen
I like the Beatles reference: "There's one for you...nineteen for me." TAXMAN George Harrison.
Michael Anthony, the pint-sized whiskey sipping bass player! Baddest mofo ever!
I love this album. I was seriously surprised at how good it was. I listen to various songs from it regularly (along with every era of his music). This video is just fun to watch and listen to. Sammy is truly the greatest rocker ever; and together with the Circle, he's still rockin' like few others.
Tim Tarbox
A true artist can never retire. Thank-you Sammy for all you do to keep Rock and Roll alive.
Kevin 'Squid' Scott
Still sad to not get to see you guys in Huntington Beach at the High Tide party.
But always a SUPER fan. Got my refund and see you very soon in SoCal. It would've been my 77th time to see Sammy.

Oh by the way, I LOVE your new album MR. SAMMY HAGAR. I’ve been rocking to you since Standing Hampton in 82.
This is friggin ‘ awesome !!!
Stone Cold
Jayanna Kelley
I LOVE this so much 🔥 Sammy not recycling past songs.. He’s giving us new music.. & I love that Bonzo’s son drumming..
A lot people don’t realize that Sammy wasn’t handed a thing in life.. He’s worked for everything he has..Love the Circle & the rich history it has.. Much respect Sammy🌹🔥
peppermint oil capsule
This movie should be a 2-disc set packaged with the "AT YOUR SERVICE" DVD... because I can't find that flick ANYWHERE! :)
Rik Jones
Good ol Michael Anthony!
the Red Rocker has done it again
Ross Ford
Really enjoyed this. Thank you for taking the time putting it together. Can’t remember the last time I saw something “concept” and fun, but also with a meaning. Hopefully see you in the UK soon ...
Johnny Campbell
Life hack, scroll to end of video and hit replay to remove commercials. (I didn't discover this)
Guitar Collector 12
Keep it up Sammy, we love you ♥️
B Davis
Cool as shit sammy!!! You and the boys made a great piece of art
Sammy 5150Eddie
The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.
Sammy it’s awesome to see you and your guys explore different avenues without reinventing yourselves... you guys are the most authentic out there ... next to probably ZZ Top :)
WissRat TV

Demray Halen2017
I even watched the credits at the end. He credited Ronnie Montrose as one of the co-writers. Just goes to show that even after his passing, his is acknowledged. Vic's guitar tone is KILLER. Thanks for inviting us along, ZZ & Sammy! "We belong in a world that must be strong, 'cause that's what dreams are made of."