Robyn - Baby Forgive Me (Young Marco Remix / Audio)

Music video by Robyn performing Baby Forgive Me (Young Marco Remix / Audio). © 2019 Konichiwa Records

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Alexander Suarez
Robyn you made the most amazing and beautiful era, you can't imagine how much I love Honey, thanks for each song, performance and remix, thank you 🍯❤️
luxe ford
This comes rolling over my overheated mind - at 6 in the morning - gently steering me in a calmer, chilled mode.
I've had a
So Thank You for the remedy.
#syncronicity #CGfam
Brian Nicholas
Robyn, This is Rad as hell... Sounds like an 80's Techno Version... So smooth yet so seductive... Love it Homegirl...Cheers...
I don't know why, but I feel like crying when I heard this. So beautiful. ❤️😭💕
Yvan Urbano
Ce remix est une tuerie j adore trop ♡
Ümit Deniz AYDIN
Robyn i love you...amazing sounds and lyrics thanks a lot :)
This is a beautiful way to wake up. Love.
vermt olive
is here under the sea?
Robyn ... The hope into a sound ... thank you 💚💛💋💎
timothy Odonovan
Lovely rework
dinç palabıyık
You and your team are remarkable 🥰
Mickey Maus
It's sort of bedroom type music in my opinion. Makeup sex music. It's alright, but I need something to cruise to in my car.
Much much better
Joseph Garcia
I don't even know what time it is anymore...Seals & Croft--We May Never Pass This Way...Phil Collins--Take Me Home...Stevie Wonder--I Was Made To Love Her...pick the most appealing cover for their lyrics...when you get the time baby girl...President Trump sends his regards & love...& so do I...never the less...may your sleep be sweet...may you have a good night...all your remixes are just fine swetheart...tomorrow is another day...
Catalogue Paul
3 mins in and still waiting for the drop 🤔