Kate Nash - Bad Lieutenant

The official video for Bad Lieutenant is a brief detour into pop as only Kate Nash can interpret it. Dancey, fun, and empowering the track is featured over the end credits in the documentary Kate Nash: Underestimate The Girl being shown at film festivals around the world and airing on BBCThree. Special guest appearance by Tilly Lockey.

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Luna Lakes
the most underrated musician i know of. kate has, without a doubt, one of the best n most varied discographies i’ve ever heard, plus you can tell she has the realist connection to her music that adds a massive depth to the listening experience. despite her extraordinarily unique sound, great writing and super-creative vision, she’s marginalised by the music world — i can’t wait for the day they realise what they’ve been sleeping on💘✨
It's Gley
Kate Nash, eu só amo admirar aeu trabalho. Talentosa, você é fodona!
Was listening to Navy Taxi and went down Kate Nash wormhole this morning, glad I did.
Was listening to Navy Taxi and went down Kate Nash wormhole this morning, glad I did.
Dany Sparks
Kate, you are so inspiring. Thanks for the song that it really touches our hearts

Brazil loves you
Wéllisson Luigi
Love it Kate!! Amazing SONG and amazing VIDEO. You're a incredible artist. I'm so proud of be your fan. Greetings from Belém, Brazil ❤❤
yxdesty -_-
I discovered you today and your'e great:)
Gina Porcupine
Nice to see my 2nd favorite musician back.
Edmund Pittman
I love you so much mom thank you for this beautiful song and music video
ella keely
Love love love ❤️
Outstanding, one of Kate’s best yet
Quique Serra
Wonderful, great video and amazing track... CONGRATULATION
Queen Doll
Willa Farrelly
Romário Rodrigues
Só comentário brasileiro kkk
Diego Ernesto
I love you so much. Cant stop watching. Please do not stop! We are always listening and waiting for new things from you
Harrooooowwww!! Should have shot the whole thing at Bus Station
I grew up on Kate Nash. much love from OKC
lil brat
So gooooodddd