Mura Masa - Deal Wiv It ft. slowthai

Music video by Mura Masa performing Deal Wiv It. © 2019 Anchor Point Records, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

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Samir Abdullah
if there’s one song that’s going to be better than doorman it’s doorman pt 2
Harry Tatem
The most British song i've ever heard
Oisin Duffy
His delivery really reminds me of The Streets in this one
Hen Duck
Am I the only one who thinks of blur when hearing this???
charlie wilson
A second slowthai x mura masa collab? Gonna be sick no doubt
Anton c
This will be a banger no doubt in my mind, I’m a simple man I see Mura Masa I click
R - Series
Already know this gonna be a banger
nikola segic
Bruv what tf are u doing in Belgrade

Also much love from Serbia❤❤❤
fhjeb bb
Even the thumbnail is cute..this is going to be a banger
Sounds a little like the streets but I ain't mad. Feeling this sound.
Andrei Ionut
I ve pressed like before listening the song. I wasn t wrong
Wally Acidman
Србија је ту!!🇷🇸🤠🤷🏼‍♂️🤘🏼
Saito Gamu
I met Mura Masa with "Lotus Eater" and that's one of the songs that inspired me to start making music.
paz 6
Mura Masa ft slowthai never disappoint me. I need a whole tape of them
Parklife for 2019?
UK music is so sick rn. we should really enjoy this moment cos I think this era will be refleced on as a golden era for the UK scene
Youness Bourass
this thumbnail feels so friendly
Brennan Bizon
little unusual when slowthai started mowing through a box of crumpets at 1:45 but otherwise great video
Thomas Holland
That “the streets” sound 😍