Doja Cat - Cyber Sex (Official Video)

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Amy Kim
no nut November starts

Doja Cat: drops this music vid
Jeremiah Johnson
She really isn’t letting her foot off our necks huh?
I never understood people who say they're in love with celebrities they've never met...until now.
objective: be straight
obstacle: doja cat
x_Keira_ _Elmslie_x
“how much to buy your bath water” IM WHEEZING
Amisha x Lisa
Doja has been feeding us good in 2019
Aatorio Knox
Her room reminded me of that Netflix movie “Cam”
She's gets songs out in a good rate, she makes every single second unique. She deserves a flipping award after this
Kelly Bakry
Me: I think I’m straight .

Doja cat’s thighs: NO

“Make it pop in his face like a Samsung”
Finn the Doog
When she gets really high pitched she sound like j.i.d and nicki Minaj
ꜱɪᴄᴋᴇɴɪɴɢʟy ꜱᴡᴇᴇᴛ
Juicy RF:
"Wait till you see it from the back"
"Can't wait to see it from the back"
Brian Regan
NNN: Exists

Me: “Mission failed. We’ll get em next time”
Saad Douieb

Absolutely nobody:

Tittystan: u look like my nephew.
that one nameless human being.
oh, thats why she always looks different in every music video. she's a Gemini.
Wangui Mwaniki
When Doja said "thinking my parents going through my shit"
I deeply felt that😐😂
Brian Mutinda
She is so underrated yet she is super talented. She is going to break the internet very soon.
Tali J
Director: How freaky do you want this video to be?

Doja: yes!
Lola Pennyburg
If you’re new to Doja, I highly recommend her songs that aren’t on Spotify!!
I love her songs “freak like me,” “busty,” & “lonely.” They’re all on YouTube they’re so good but underrated
I rather N o t
“How much to buy your bath water”
The shade is real