Jonas Brothers - Like It's Christmas (Audio)

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Music video by Jonas Brothers performing Like It's Christmas (Audio). © 2019 Jonas Brothers Recording, Limited Liability Company, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Jonas Brothers - Like It's Christmas (Audio) Смотреть онлайн
2019 just saved again and again by Jonas Brothers! ♥️
# Fall

Singers: Let's all release Christmas songs to make people get hyped early
Pradeep mishra
Those who like JB for jonas brothers like
Those who like JB for Justin Bieber Comment
Let's see who wins
Daniel Cha
Lowkey kinda disappointed when their mouths didn't move like the insta stories. Not disappointed with the sound of this song though
Zandria Hannigan
no one:

Jonas Brothers: release a Christmas song 11 years later their last Christmas song. If you know you know
Mαjo Torres
Someone: But guys it's still November.
JB: And? Who cares?! Everybody loves Christmas!
This how long we going to be here
2019 ✅
Like so we all remember
Anita Solis
not kidding this song has the potential to be the memorable christmas song!
Itsmeharper Jacksons
Me: but it's not even December yet
Jonas brothers: yeah but it feels like it's Christmas
Pritpal Singh
Who feels like Christmas after listening to this.....🥳
Set On
Their voices go so well together, beautiful and festive
Fandom girl
I’m hoping this means that there will be a Christmas album
Ms Croft
Joe’s voice is melting my heart
Angeline Bena
People saying it’s not Christmas yet but I don’t care🤷‍♀️
Flame Burgerz
It is scientifically proven that if you like this comment , You will have 20℅ more presents this year.
Daniela Peñafiel Coronel
No one:

Absolutely no one:

Nick Jonas: no matter the reason no matter the season my heart'll keep beating you better belieEeevEe
AJ Styles
Who is here before 1 million views
Hit like if u are...
Keevan KK
I wasn't planning on celebrating so early but the Jonas Brothers have given me no choice.
Merry Christmas everybody!
Ken J.
Im just happy that Joe is finally the lead vocals in a song lol
Ofelia Galaz
Yo that song makes me think they should be called the Jolly Brothers
Cause they give us so much jollyness even when its Christmas