The Who - You Better You Bet (Promo Video)

A promo film for the hit single from The Who’s 1981 album Face Dances. Directed by John Crome and filmed at Shepperton Studios in March 1981, featuring the ’new look’ Who, with Kenney Jones on drums, following the death in 1978 of Keith Moon.

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The Who - You Better You Bet (Promo Video) Смотреть онлайн
Both Keith and John are so missed <3
John John
Loving these HD videos lately, thanks a ton Who team!
This was my first who song. I was born in the 2000s so I didn’t know the music so well but my mom played this song all the time and now I am a big who fan! I have heard almost all of their songs! I had tickets to the moving on tour but unfortunately it got postponed. I hope roger gets better. Moving on would be my first concert.
Joe Bot
Imagine how miserable the lives of the five dislikes are?
Madison Tchir
i went to the most recent concert in vancouver, on october 21st and it was the best day of my life. it was my first who concert and i stared crying like 6 times. when they played this song the crowd was going crazy :))) i have been listening to the who since i was a baby. i was born a who fan, literally. thank you for inspiring me so much and making me smile every day with you and your music, pete, roger and zak!!!

(rip keith moon ❤️)
Thanks for not altering the original 4:3 ratio like what some people unfortunately do.
David Kieltyka
"And when it comes to all-night living
I know what I'm giving
I've got it all down to a tee
And it's free"

Self-mockery or self-deception? Or maybe a bit of both?
This song is so great. The Who forever are a huge influence on us. Rock forever!

Our first EP is out for free download for you all. Good rock music.

And if we open for The Who?
Logan 5
Pristine footage 😀

The sound of old T.Rex ❤️
Nowhere Man
my favorite post-moon who song

absolute legends
Laís Almeida
Eu amo muito The Who, eles são uma das maiores bandas de todos os tempos! E amo essa música!
I love The Who so much, they are one of the biggest bands ever! And I love this song! 😍😘👏❤ #TheWho
Prince Mario
I’ve always felt that the criticisms toward Kenney Jones were a little too harsh. If you look at it from a different perspective, Keith Moon wouldn’t have been the right drummer for The Faces.
iTz ATL Clutch
Just never had that same feel without Keith Moon’s drumming. Great song nonetheless!
Gaminguytoop 279
The Ox is the best! I love the intro he does. I wonder were he came up with such an intro? RIP Keith Moon and John Alec Entwistle
Good way to end my night. Gimme some Who!!
Erick Eduardo Serrano Rodea
Muy buena de rola saludos ❤️ 🎙️ 🎸 🇬🇧 saludos desde de CDMX
mike lewis
Glad to see all of the positive comments from the younger Who fans. You guys and gals need to go back to the 1968 through 1978 Who recordings . Turn it up to the max and listen to the rock band that started it all . The Live at Leeds , Gibson SG period . You better , you bet ! Lol. Greatest Rock ever played , The Who at their best . Long live Rock I need it every night !
It's so weird to imagine Keith playing this. Great, great song.
Martin Fisher
Excellent Who..... I used to follow Keith in his lilac Rolls sometimes whilst driving driving thru Chertsey to London in the 70s, it always put a smile on my face.🇬🇧🇬🇧
Holy Telecasters n Tom Toms, Pumpin’ Bass 8ths and flying microphones! 🎸😎🙈👻📱