Matt Costa - Witchcraft

Music video by Matt Costa performing Mobile Chateau. (C) 2010 Brushfire Records

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Ben Vincent
Only one thing wrong with this song.
It isn't long enough.
sounds like the british invasion is coming again!!!
Blues or Folk John
Rajesh Koothrappali
He must be usin' witchcraft.
Joseph Gelb
cool sound much respect
Eymard Vivas
Algo viejo
Grån Furʏ
is it just me, or is that guy really fucking hot?
@1ofmanytylerjohnsons Like, totally. But I still likes it.
that's my homie danny garcia on the tambourine!!!
matt costa is the man! he can put his sunglasses on and off while playing! haha
Red Eyed Robot - Brightside
C Bryan
This is the most incredible video I think ive ever seen!
George Munoz
Those of you saying it has a beatles vibe obviously don't know anything else that's 60s. This band is more of a mix between The Monkees and the Kinks. The Beatles are overrated when one considers the underground music that never made it to the top.
Kelly Sturgeon
Nice sixties vibe... Loved this sound back then!
@thecobeysteadham lol i may be mistaken but im pretty sure thats the whole idea of this video and song
6th ranger
6th ranger
Its about time someone got it right
@liquidstone14 its not just you lol
sounds like matt costa
Jacob Wilson
Donovan? Oh it's his young american counterpart, Matt Costa, my mistake haha