Bastille - Joy in the Live Lounge

Bastille perform Joy in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

Bastille - Joy in the Live Lounge Смотреть онлайн
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Nicolas Alves
Please BBCRadio1 put those covers on Spotify
ASCH Rodríguez
Enchanted. Bastille's the best band ever.
Leonardo Drozino
This song is one of their best
As we Bastille Stormers would always say "He could literally read the back contents of a cereal packet and I'd listen to it everyday on repeat."
Christiaan Steenkamp
This started playing in the living room and I honestly thought someone was stepping on my cat at the very beginning.
Sherline Kinyanjui
I love this band
And Dan's accent..
Remember when this first came out and we were shocked they released a Happy song
Alanna Benson
I hope Dan likes himself because I think he is phenomenal.
Rishi VK
Underrated song
Henrike P.
sometimes dan’s voice just gives me goosebumps
Conor Carrington-Stait
Dan's vocal range is actually insane
David D
Amazing as always, Never heard this guy skip a beat or miss a note. Surprised about the low volume of views 😢
Savanna TheeVamp
it's even better live, i love it
Viv C
So happy to have been able to see them live 🖤 Truly my favourite band
Ágatha Kaoanne
Perfeitooo 💚💚
Charlotte Wallis
How can you not love Bastille I literally have their songs on repeat❤️❤️❤️
Jenny Synaard
thumbnail's lovely lol
Cristina Florenta
this guy melted my heart 💜
Steven Viquez
How I love these guys, pure talent❤️
Leonardo Daniel Briano Rodríguez
I was already overcoming Dan and the this <3
CharlesMcneill VEVO
Who saw this on the apprentice??