Armin van Buuren feat. Laura V - Drowning (Avicii Remix)

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You might want to take a deep breath before risking a play on the new single of Armin van Buuren. Rushing over completely, 'Drowning' is the breathtaking fourth single taken from the 'Mirage' album. UK vocalist Laura V and Armin take you on a thrilling ride, perfectly translating the roller coasting feel of falling in love.

After singles 'Full Focus', 'Not Giving Up On Love' featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor and 'This Light Between Us' with Christian Burns, Armin van Buuren chose to go for an anthem that represents nothing but feel-good. Sugar sweet, energetic and refreshingly housy, 'Drowning' reveals the diversity of Armin's sound.

Touching the edge of house and trance, 'Drowning' appeals to a wide audience, with remixers in demand. Swedish producer Avicii, one of the most popular producers of today's dance scene, managed to drown the track with his significant melodic bliss, contagious throughout the full 8 minutes. Hungarian duo Myon & Shane 54, much wanted remixers in the trance genre, have the BPM up high, shaking the single to an energetic stir of progressive, trance and house.

Armin van Buuren feat. Laura V - Drowning (Avicii Remix) Смотреть онлайн
God: I created music. Avicii: I created God!
omg finally!! This is one of those releases that you just cant miss. Amazing
Ivan Bohm
@Musicafabricius Thats his thing.. Thats his melody. Its just lovely :)
Gosh I love Armin.... at summer i had my best night ever ...his performance was unbelievable, amazing and fantastic. keep pushin my herooo <3Armin
alexandra gomez
best song ever:D <3
This Track with all other avicii remixes i am sure i would want to take it to my grave
I really like avicii but this remix isn't so good...OMG I'd like a remix from Alex M.O.R.P.H.
will there be a remix album coming anytime soon? would be awesome if this song and the blake jarell remix of youtopia was on it.
My favorite part is 0:00 until 3:06!
Ruud Kruidhof
Goosebumbs everywhere:O
Raouf Ghojoghi
@cartmanshome there will definitely be mirage the remixed album, lets hope its a 2disc compilation like imagine!
Hiram Ordaz
esta gregonsilla'!
best remix
Martin Popvasilev
AVICIII <3 <3 <3 <3
this song reminds me of Hed Kandi remixes... but still I like this one!!! can't wait to get the single!
Amazing Somebody
Thanks for the memories armin
Pretty good remix, but Avicii you always use the same 'stick' for all your songs/remixes >< It's working for now though.
just try to show me one bad remix Avicii made...
Janis Salmins
At least someone is pointing out some of AVB misstakes :)