Duke Deuce "Crunk Aint Dead" shot by Wikid Films

the official music video for Duke Deuce '"Crunk Aint Dead" Shot by Wikid Films directed by Duke Deuce and Wikid Films

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Duke Deuce "Crunk Aint Dead" shot by Wikid Films Смотреть онлайн
Youngin JP
If this don’t hit a milly, I know the rap game is really weird😂😂😂
Deezy Dolph
Who wins in a dance battle?

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Comment - Sada Baby
Mal W.
memphis gotta have the grooviest rappers lmao they be jiggin
dreadston kusher
i can’t get over how fast big boy was on his feet boyyy 😂😂😂 he snapped
Terrell Hockett
This almost made me swing on my granny😂😂😂😂😂
This song does NOT deserve to be this short
423 KiiD
Momma: Show yo uncle that lil dance
Me: But i dont wan---
Momma: Boy do that dance
Me: 😒 1:08
Who was here on the day it came out , back to see how far it has came🙋🏾‍♂️
MC Gusto
This song makes me wanna crack someone in their head with a
Colt 45 bottle
Groku 4.2.0
For all u foreigners look up Memphis Jookin right NOW
Alejandro Carlos Arzola
Bro top heavy moving like he one of the skinny homies😈😂
lilcal 300
When he said “💃🏾🕺🏽” I felt that
Solid Vito Rackz
If you ain’t from my hood you can get from round here!
TMT Lamonte
This in my recommendations I’m finna see is it hot or not
Groovy Nick
How is he not tired from all that tip toeing 😂
Jay -M0ney
This go hard asf but I don't like that it's mad short
Big GD walk Im from Detroit but i see him "Memphis Buckin"
Trop 4PF
I’m coming back here everyday till this vid hits 1mil!
Oj Ferguson
Plz someone hop on a remix we need at least another verse
Chris breezy ain got shit on Duke duece dance moves 🤣