Mary J. Blige - You Remind Me

Mary J. Blige performs "You Remind Me".

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LeKa Danielle
Her voice was so raw so pure!!! I miss these days!!
Mike Pony
This is when a live performance sounded like the album
That girl had her slacks tucked into her Jodeci boots!!! Gotta love the 90's. AND she is fully dressed but sexy.
Joe - Certified Fitness Trainer
back when women was actually dancing....
She sounds exactly like the studio version! If not, better .. jheezeee🌟🐐❤
J Lo
Forever the Queen of R&B Voice Unique
Who’s here after her lifetime achievement performance at bet awards?
Ruben Dominguez
Only Mary's dancers can dance to deep cover
I was 16and  I want to go back to the 90ies using a time machine :( :( :(
when the ladies wore whatever​ they wanted and still were women! so sexy! I miss it! 😢
I knew her first album word for word, ad lib for ad lib. It was that serious. I just fell in love with her. When you sang her songs, you felt like you were blowin'. I feel like gettin' some Jodeci boots and making a step. #90schildhoodmemories
Shawn Nelson
** This is so 90's ROYALTY **
I just saw Mary J in concert 2 years ago for the first time! I've been waiting over 20 years to see Mary & boy did she put on a show. I was out of my seat the whole 3 hours....she was that good! Next I gotta see Maxwell, Rahsaan Patterson, Jill Scott, & Lauryn Hill, then my dreams will be fulfilled!
SmileZ ThaGOD
Them VOCALS!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙇🏾‍♂️👑 if this aint the queen who is??
The very first CD I ever owned
Keith The Faith
We literally formed a party around this episode back in 1992 !!!!
Such a classic!!! Now those are what you call Dancers!!! My girl Big Lez & Jossie Thacker ( Dancer with the Braids) the fly girl from ''In Living Color'' was always killing it with the moves!! Mary always get the crowd hyped!!
David Richardson
Mary was 21 back then she's bae....she still is!
M.Joseph Ali
Mary J, Whitney, and Mariah are the only ones who could sound this good live.
Redd Blitz
Ladies don't move or even have that type flare anymore. RATCHET has altogether replaced that.