LL Cool J - Rocking With The G.O.A.T.

Music video by LL Cool J performing Rocking With The G.O.A.T.. (C) 2008 The Island Def Jam Music Group

LL Cool J - Rocking With The G.O.A.T. Смотреть онлайн
Prince Rashuan
LL is the "Bret Hart of Hip Hop" The Best Is The Best Was and The Best That Ever Will Be
Shawn Rodriguez
LL.. has done everything in Hip hop all these corny 1 hit wonders wish they could do...
King C
The GOAT of hip hop LL Cool J. He has been around with many of the greats and inspired a lot of them including Eminem, Jay Z, Nas, and even 2pac and The Notorious BIG.
Nathan Kazama
My dad is a big fan of Cool J. I'm glad he introduce him to me.
Bob Cummings
LL is still the Greatest Rapper Of All Time 2 me!
Dee Nice
I met LL a few years back, he's a smooth brother frfr
LL COOL J IS A LIVING LEGEND. THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME! - Yes I consider him even better than any stupid rapper nowadays! On top of all that he is so damn sweet gentleman. He got what it takes to be on the top, Sexiness overload! ;)
Clifton McKnight
This beat is still hard 10 years later. The first time i heard this i was watching RAP CITY in the BASEMENT and ICE CUBE was the host. He walked in talking about welcome and said first video I'm showing is my boy LL with his new video. I WAS HOOKED after seeing this.not to mention if this video doesn't inspire a man to hit the gym something is definitely WRONG
Dee Nice
Rockin With The G.O.A.T. Means GREATEST OF ALL TIME
still dilated....D.I.T.C
COOL J was and still is gifted on the mic.........Truly is one of the GOATS....
Byron Grant
this is real hip hop, not these new corney young cats with these hot for 5 secs tracks
T.M. Samuels
this going on my playlist
Latrelle Johnson
The Living Legend pioneered the new frontier and left a mark on hip hop that can never be removed...
One of the first in the game...Today's generation have no respect for classic players...Its sad
The Man
Who bangin this on New Year day 2020
has anyone seen the " im bad" video he was practically a boy and was hard then! come on now these foolz today cant hold a candle to this dude they dont have the the wind!
I was listening to this song with headphones on and the part where it thunders made me jump. I thought it was raining outside for a sec.
Russell Mills
LL Cool J is a legend who has been in the game as a artist for a long time and I am sure artist right now wish they had a career like his but they won't. And on a side note I have a you tube channel type in Russell Mills May 22, 2017
Samuel Barnett Jr.
Baddest rapper still standing
I helped Russell hustle you can go ask rick.......... dezam LL