LL Cool J - Father

Music video by LL Cool J performing Father. (C) 1997 LL Cool J under exclusive license to The Island Def Jam Music Group

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Jaleesa Trevelyan
His BEST song in my opinion. Tragic and powerful lyrics. Speaking as a fatherless child, I definitely understand his pain. #UNDERRATED
Lucifer De Dios
Realest shit he ever wrote
Tara Steele
I was OBSESSED with this song as a teenager
Taxi Rider
This is emotional. Better than rap nowadays.
He's a SURVIVOR. Be inspired people. Life will get better.
Razor Blade
Every time I hear this song, my eyes fill up.........
Sean Norfleet
Never knew ll's life was so hard b4 I heard this song....the fact that he grew up to be such a classy brotha after having such a rough child hood gave me hella respect for him.
My grandfather is my father im glad i have him
have not heard something so inspirational in a long while
LaKeeta Thomas
 I saw my dad today. Way too late in life for him to be a father now, but I wished him well.
@ThePenetrator1000 LL is recounting his experience as he remembers it as a kid. His grandfather gets hit by a shotgun blast. I'm thinking what LL saw was 10 separate wounds from buck shot that spread out from the muzzle (likely a sawed-off shotgun). That's my guess. I doubt he'd shoot with a shotgun, then pull out a pistol and squeeze off ten rounds and hit with all ten. Or, maybe not...??...but that's how I've figured it.
wow. and I thought my absentee father was shit.
When it's real, it's real. I was really feelin' you on this one, James Todd. #anditsstillallgood
holly pietrzak
this song samples George michaels father figure in the background
Darlene Courtney
You've come a long way todd. Bless u.u have a lot to be proud of.
LOL this is so funny ,this song have only 14857 vievs ,what's wrong with todays people listen new bullshit...Get back to good old days of real rap...
Geordan Rowley
I don't even know what my father looks like, never even seen a picture. But when I was a kid, this song helped me to realize that so many children who know their father,weren't better off.
Daisuke Orihara
RIP George Michael
Thank God for My Grandfather, otherwise I wouldn't know what having a father felt like.
I played this song for my Dad once, and what did he do? Closed the door so I turned it up louder!