LL Cool J - Hush ft. 7 Aurelius (Official Video)

Music video by LL Cool J performing Hush. (C) 2004 LL Cool J

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LL Cool J - Hush ft. 7 Aurelius (Official Video) Смотреть онлайн
Nathan's guitar covers and gaming.
Plz take me back to these days I hate this generation 😞
Pluto studio
One of the most underated LL song!
Djkliff06 Gaming
Yo 2020 still searching this!

We moving too fast, the whole worlds in a rush, everybody just HUSH
Cynthia Robinson
2019 anyone listening throw back jam
Zsa Bronxite
"Deal with the drama, we can find our way back
With or without the Maybach..." I love that part.❤️
Maggie F
Damn, I wish music was still like this
Pembo 90's Makati City Chillin
Still chillin to this type of muisc in 2020.. Miss those days
Hova 1987
LL survived decades...crazy
Christine fittenmaudina24
Dam this man still looks good in his 50's as they say "black don't crack" lol!
Kay Flip
Damn, he was 36 during this video? Looks younger in this.
energy chipara
anyone 2018????
Thomas Shaanika
Such a timeless song, who listening in 2019?
Ms Londonlove
The nostalgia I get when I hear this song ... shivers
Catherine Lynch
October 2019 still love this song
Lone Star Wanderer
Senior year of High School...What the hell happened to music, and this generation?
Kaylonni Banks
I heard that the boy that portrayed as teenage ll cool j was his son
I will die but I never sold my soul my ancestors
Legendary rapper
Lorenzo Sloan
roland gallone
I'm 73 and still rap an dance to this song it brings back memory's when I was around 55 and at my most potent!!!!!
Michael Lunsmann
this generation blows