LL Cool J - Imagine That

Music video by LL Cool J performing Imagine That. (C) 2000 LL Cool J

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OT Pie Flipper
This song was slept on back in the day.
LL the only nigga to rock a wave cap and have absolutely no hair lol
These girls were so much more beautiful than the video girls now its insane !!!!
october johnson
Hip hop used to be so fun.. And alive lol. Oh what happened to our music..
Imagine i'm your teacher and you stayed in school. You been a bad girl, you broke all the rules. You forgot your home work, chewed gum class. And the only way to fix it is to give my some ass. MAD!!!
You can tell this is a Rockwilder beat
Oetto-Kanaken Discount
The beat sounds like someone reparing a bike...
underrated track!
Jamie A
Has to be a rockwilder beat
LL lickin his lips, CLASSIC STUFF!
lagos bay
Damn those black girls are sooo hot!
The hey day of the video ho.  These girls were fire.
One of the best songs ever
Monta Bellrose
i mostly like woman but whoever thumbs down must be gay.
Leyla Haroon
“Disrespect you and still make you mine” gets me every time
Yanick Machel
arguably between the all time 10 best mc's ever
Courtney Gibson Jr
Damn. I wish I'm a senior in high school again. I miss those days
Finesse Sowell2k16
My neighbor was in this video throw back #respect
Samar Iqbal
"I know you feel the bulge(🍆) through the Fubu pants!"😀😉
Licking Lips Cool J