LL Cool J ft. Amerie - Paradise (Official Video)

Music video by LL Cool J performing Paradise. (C) 2002 LL Cool J

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LL Cool J ft. Amerie - Paradise (Official Video) Смотреть онлайн
Daniel Bailey
I thing I notice in LL Cool J videos he always has darkskin woman as a lead..I don't know if its him who chooses or the production team but I applaud him for showing love to darkskin women knowing they're always overlooked for the light skin chicks.
Foolish Desperado
January 1, 2020
Yes I’m right here
James Crowder
Who still bumpin this in 2020😎
Sheryl Richardson
Amerie made this song so beautiful
”Paradise is very nice” idk why that made me laugh 😂😂
Zaherul Huda
Dark skinned women are the best ❤
Jamill O
Can we go back to the R&B and hip hop era from 2002-2004 please !
jus vei
The Girls were so gorgeous. Beautiful black women ❤️
Robert Delafuente
When women were all natural in music videos. Not all shot up with chemicals and body adjustments
Angie D
I miss this music, can we take it back for a minute??
BBLove Gaming
Deliver us from Eva Brought me here❤️
But who else is on an old song spree??
Man L.L was the shit when he dropped album number 10! How man artist can reinvent themselves the way he did and have that type of longevity? Go ahead... I'll wait! Lol... #GOAT
Loyal Philly fan
50 cent wrote this song
Zaria B.
Amerie is so beautiful 😍😍
Strawberry Strawberry
He so sexy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
H. L.
Who wouldn't wanna be stuck on a tropical island with this LL 😍😍😍
Usman Ghani
Amerie is so beautiful..he is real talented trappers unlike all these other lames who just be going viral by using Authentic views com to get they views up.. SMH
Ms Londonlove
Why can't music be like this these days... ???
Ross Turpin
“Belly to belly one hand at the jelly with the telly on the celly...”

Shakespearean quality.
Angel Spivey
LL cool J, Amerie, Gabrielle union all still look the same and all still looking great