The Chemical Brothers - Get Yourself High

Music video by The Chemical Brothers performing Get Yourself High. © 2003 Virgin Records Ltd

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Ivan Bilous
They did it when deepfake was not mainstream
Антон Антонов
Ееееееее! Наконец то официально на ютубе, просто блеск, а не клип! Ему уж "миллион" лет, а все приходилось смотреть через поисковики. 👏👏👏👏👏
this was deleted from youtube for YEARS... thnx for bringin it back!
Stefan Schmidt
If you're watching this in 2019... oh wait. ;)
eric RaviC fernando
Why don't "The Gorillaz" and " The Chemical Brothers" make a whole album of madness...
Аркадий Шаповал
Two Champions of Shaolin (1978) ft. The Chemical Brothers ft. k-os
Finally on YouTube
Sabri Eren Öztürk
I'm starting to think that they have used old kung fu movie footage.
Phil Dretzka
2:53 "Your turntable kung fu may have defeated my boombox style but it's no match for my BIGGER boombox style!!"
3:16 "Master Tapes, I shall avenge your death!!!"
Joshua Stephens
One of the greatest music videos of all time
This is SUCH a clever video! I laughed really hard when the guy opened his jacket to reveal the boombox! I love the song, too - it is funky and something I can groove to for sure.
Finally a high-res version of this video! One of my all time faves.
Azamat Akimzhanov-Ramazan
С индийским фильмом вообще улётная наркомания получилась бы😂
VanderCore Flores
I can't belive why this video doesn't have 1 millón fantastic
If Chemical Brothers are going to do something stupid, then that means it's going to be super awesome.
Олдскулы аж свело!
Azamat Akimzhanov-Ramazan
DJ clans find out whose kungfu is better.
Алексей Есенин
Классика!)))) В детстве не понимал всей ценности данного видео и музыки) а теперь самое то)
Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega
2:52 best part and u know it. "Better don't come close to my subwoofer powers"
Gabriel S
holy shit, i've never heard this and I'm a k-os fan. This beat... gets me so hype, this is powerful.