Chronic Law - Wanted (Official Lyric Video)

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Chronic Law - Wanted (Official Lyric Video)

Produced By: YGF Records

Composed By: Ridwaan & 30Four Beats

Distributed By: VPAL Music (c)(p) 2020

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Amari Deraisx
Jah jah mi feel da one yah😪
Mi dawg seh him wish him cuda walk wid him son Inna Di park but so cyaa dweet cause we haunted, wanted, cyaa sleep 🎶💔💔
gangster Lord
All lawboss fans....
You know what to do...
Out here cold like ice..
Funny Forever
Amount a ting me and mi daag guh through sometimes we sit down and wish we was some normal Ute 🙏🏿
Drop a like if you feel how deep this is 🙌🙌🙌voice fi the yutes
Only the real Shaatas can relate! Wanted for Legal or illegal causesm
Chriscarlo Gordon
Mi notice from the year start da youth ya deh pon a mission, the youth work ethic pon a different level....dweet lawboss yaa go reap the rewards breda
Easy nuh law boss. Watch how we a go work together this year
Hilly 30
I can't see how people say he's promoting violence.. This man content is depicting what nuff man weh tek d wrong road face.. He's like a Hollywood writer giving u a clear story line n have u gripping ur chair while listening r watching.. This song is REALITY.. I remember when I listen 1 of his songs n hear him seh "mummy don't bawl bcuz jail house don't mek fi dog".. Yutes careful , crime nuh pay it makes u lose out on life.. U waah live n caah live bcuz u always affi a watch ur headback 4 the payback bcuz of what u did way back
Cherry Findlay
Another conscious song from chronic law... Song like this mi listen to. Dem song yah mek yo pree life. 💯
Alex Mills
Lawboss✌Vendetta me say but this Song bad nuh 💥💥

Bumbo claat
Andrew Phillips
Was in Jamaica for Christmas and I heard someone playing one of his songs. I asked the guy who was singing and he told me. From that day I've become a fan of his music even though I'm still learning to understand patois
Best realest sung fi 2020

General Vision
All who can relate to this song turn this blue👇🏾
kay-g-nine Eyez-a-bleed
Law boss is a serious serious serious artists real vibes🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👊
Mainudo Gaming Channel
Nuff yute ago true this real medz law boss
paul extra williams
Jah know this song bigger than what we think enuh
pettiest ent
Me dawg say him wish him coulda walk wid him son ina the park buh we "Wanted" 😩🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
gcity 6ixx
Rip gman Dante Hamas whole gcity thug Dem
Sir Savage the 21'st
Out here without fear man, me respect law boss cause him actually enjoy do this not all fa money #6ixx