Jahvillani - Fire Works (Official Audio)

#Jahvillani #FireWorks

Produced by Alanzo Records • 1Gov • YGF Records

Distributed by Zojak World Wide

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Clidi Miller
why is he underrated and him a real GAD yo
Jerome Forbes
Hit song fi the Christmas 🔥🔥💫
This youth will be the biggest thing in 2020🔥🔥turn this👇🏽 blue if you believe that 🔥
Sky Frass
Never 6ix to the nine ✋💥💥💥😭
Qaasim Adam
Boi' this yute' yah bad eeh if him keep this pace of musical projection steady like how him keep the matic steady, then me can see him as the next biggest thing out a Jamaica after kartel, him more versatile than donia, cause him got many more vocal flows and him can sing also' when artist bad artist bad' lyrics them tight like mi son 🌽 row
Robert Hamilton
The dawq style squash dem wicked 😂😂 no 6 to the ix 😂😂
General Vision
Never 6ixx to the 9ine...🎭🎭
This is a Christmas Hit, Who Else Agree???🔥🔥🔥
versa p
Yes Javi gwaan stay consistent.A music wi sey and wi a tek it lyrically.
Jerome Forbes
If you're a true fan of #WSG
Keith Caesar
drop a like if yuh a true loyal & dayone fan of the wildside boss
Brown Nassie
For Those who Found this Track in 2520....it's 2019 when this Fire Chuunne Dropped 🔥 🔥... Neva 6 Neva 9 Neva Fuc A Bat
Football Highlights
Man a put in work TPC!👿
Di- Maverick -new level- unloc Detta clan.
Best new Artist of 2019, DJ of the Year tek sumfest, bunn up road , new song every week or two, and everything is a hit. Wild Side, One Gad, we out side. 🔥 work 🔥
Noya & Nick
Who seh W$G bad ✨💥💯
Strike Simpson
If this song is hit drop a like 👍
Like if a wildside a lock 🔐 ee place
Nae Nae
Dwl.. Me affi come back ..” neva 6 to di 9 “ bad yuh bad 😂
Chedda Gad
If it bad like this⚡⚡⚡