Rush - 2112: Overture (Lyric Video)

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Music video by Rush performing 2112: Overture. (C) 1976 Mercury Records

Rush - 2112: Overture (Lyric Video) Смотреть онлайн
Wow thanks, I can finally sing along.
Jacob Simons
Thanks for your years of musical service, Geddy, Alex and Neil.
My Autobiography A Fanfic
The lyric video of an instrumental track?
Lyrics by Peart.
Thomas R. Skidmore
So much more relevant now than it was even back in the wild 70s.
Lunar Drift
The only song I can sing.
I remember, vividly, putting the 8-track in. A friend loaned it, said "You have to hear this band." When the Overture started, my hair raised. About halfway through, I KNEW, i'd found my band...That was 1977, seems like yesterday. THANKS RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spencer Peat
So long Neil Peart. Another rock legend lost, another star in the sky.
Leonardo Bargi lbargi
3:05 let the chills begin
This is glorious!! I would still love to see, though, a full-tilt, scripted/acted, 1.5 - 2 hrs long animated feature. I know it would be a huge risk, but imagine if it was done right!!
I really like that handsome guy on guitar
Joseph Wawrzyniak
The best way to remind us what real music is.
Alex Spanos
I have this whole LP that was my dad's when he was my age. Crazy to think that this album is 40+ years old now.
Michael O'Neal
♪♪♪And the meek shall inherit the Earth♪♪♪ ...Nailed it!!
Jonathan Sefcik
I've never seen a lyric video for a song with only one line.
DJ Cygnus
Learn how to pick fonts
Bone Machine
artists amongst vandals... Rush forever!
Ryan Duffy
I wish this continued into temples of syrix
Joey Bensen
Late April fools😂
Jeff Harmse
I’m here from ready player one