Rush - The Twilight Zone (Lyric Video)

Music video by Rush performing The Twilight Zone. (C) 1976 Mercury Records

Rush - The Twilight Zone (Lyric Video) Смотреть онлайн
Thomas R. Skidmore
For the record, the two TZ stories in the song are "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?" (written by Serling) and "Stopover in a Quiet Town" (written by Earl Hamner, Jr.).
lah li
Neil Peart is, was and forever will be the greatest. ever.
I think these lyric videos are really a great idea. It's cool to get to see what kind of sci-fi Rush was thinking of exactly... But here, I don't know for you guys, but I feel that this comic style doesn't go so well with the music. It's only m opinion but (for this song at least) I think I'd rather juwt listen to it.
But, great work guys ! And Rush is still awesome !
Cynical Scorpio
2:00 I'm getting a little ASMR in my left headphone
McKenna Ward
The fact that this song references so much Twilight Zone makes me so happy. The show is one of my all time favourites and Rush is such an amazing band. Ah I'm so happy hearing. This song!
One of the best tunes from Rush :-) ROCK ON!!!!!!!
Unofficial Meme
The Twilight Zone was always such a creepy show. Every episode was unordinary.
April Cox
One of my favourite vocal performances by Geddy
Darcy B
99.5% likes. this is why you still hear Rush at any NHL game! The best 3 man band ever!
Surge Álvez
Rest in peace NEIL
Christian P
My personal favorite Rush song.🤘🏼
Kevin Siegel
RIP Neal Peart.
X.x Justdoitfool x.X 2
I hope they do the same thing for Farewell to Kings album.
Orgasmic Chorus riff
Probably my favorite Rush track. R.I.P Neil Peart, the best drummer in the world.
i want a book version of this comic
55 X1
Love the ending solo
spray of laughing rapids
RIP Neil, this was the song that pricked my spirit & turned me into the Rush fan I've been ever since
Dave 2112
Long live 2112 !
Ray Anthony
This was (and still is) my favorite song off of 2112. I would always listen to it over and over by lifting the needle off the record and placing it back to the beginning of the song.