Rush - Lock And Key

Music video by Rush performing Lock And Key. (C) 1987 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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aitech nasus
RIP To Neil Peart The Greatest Drummer Of All Time In Rock And Roll History
Alex Rinaldi
this album gets a bad rap i think its some of there best work
Fernanda Carrizo
...and in the drums...monsieur Jean-Claude Van Damme 🎼👊
james woody
God bless this band! They lived through so much shit and came out the other side so triumphantly! They remain triumphant! They'e the best musicians we've had in the late 20th century into the 21st!
I'm surprised that I haven't found another Rush fan who says Hold Your Fire is their favorite album. I really love the tracks on it, Mission, Prime Mover, Second Nature, and High Water being my favorites. Their other albums sure have some sick jams on them that I could listen to anytime, but there's something about Hold Your Fire that I really enjoy. Not claiming it's better than their other albums, just personal preference.
Dan Giles
'plenty of people will kill you for some fanatical cause' we are 29 years later and how those words ring true still!
Kodyax Derschrecken
This is probably something in the order of insane but if I had to pick one song by Rush to be my all time favorite, this would be the one.
RF Freezn
Neil showing off at the end...😊...musically of course!!
Olga Nesterowicz
Maybe Neil didn't want to have a killer instinct, but he certainly had a drumming instinct.... R.I.P. I'm so devastated, after all those days....
This, Time stand still and Turn the page are my favourites on this album
I don't know what neil was going through in this point of his life when he wrote Hold your fire but it seems these songs have just as much meanning today as they did in 1987. maybe even more now... Listening to the lyrics of this album along with a few others, but this one in particular was and still is like going to a brilliant psychiatrist and even getting a perscription of incredible songs that still raise the hairs on my arms to this day.
AspectLeague 57
This sounds so like the 80s...Especially atmospherical accents of the vocalist...
The lyrics... The music...
Everything about this song is perfect!!!!!
One of my favorite Rush tracks for sure
This song is one of the ENDLESS demonstrations of Neil Peart's great lyricism. Like he is amazing at it. Nobody else that I can think of writes lyrics that are so thoughtful and complex and simple at the same time. Amazing.
Jason Churchill
As a long time Rush fan i have to say the 80s period is my favorite and this song along with Middletown dreams is one of the best. Amazing lyrics, composition and musicianship. Each song is like a mini  novella.Just breath taking.
Gordon Moody
How is sooo much awesomeness crammed into just 3 guys?
Anthony Serrano
I remember getting this on casette.I still remember the smell of the liner notes.Great album.1987 was great.
Being self aware of the killer instinct/violence inside is what makes it eventually go away. You have to first realize you're violent as a human. That very awareness without motive burns away the aggression.
Eric Fellner
Nice deep cut from Hold Your Fire, one of my favorites from the album!
Bertil Strömdahl
God damn this band is good i must say.