Rush - A Passage To Bangkok (Lyric Video)

Music video by Rush performing A Passage To Bangkok. (C) 1976 Mercury Records

Rush - A Passage To Bangkok (Lyric Video) Смотреть онлайн
When Rush do a weed song it takes the form of a lesson in agricultural geography.
Listening to this in honor of Neil Peart
Robert Franklin
All these years and i never new this song was about weed lmao
Pat's Bass Place
1:28 lmao the sign even says 420. Quite cheeky
For about 35 years I thought they were on a train excursion to check on onion fields !
James Antolick
I still have the album from the 70's still smells like bong water
Dad, what's a guitar riff? Show him this.
Trees on a boat
0:37 no, fly by night!
Geography for pot heads.
Brohann Sebastian Bach
This song is about smoking weed across the world. Dank
Bouquet Boy Ayden
"We only stop for the best"... specifically talking about marijuana 😅🤘🏻
Snoozy Zzz
Man i discovered this band by reading a book called "Ready Player One". badass!
The best song to get baked to,hands down!
Disney is the Devil
The authorities in Thailand aren't as cool about the psychoactive entertainments as they used to be. Take the train to Cambodia. You can order a pizza with buds as a topping.
my rush fanfriends you're welcome in Morocco As I was welcomed in canada, a beautiful country and beautiful people.
Daniel Lucas
cadê os BR que escuta rush
The GreyJedi2112
the fragrance of Afghanistan rewards a long days toil
Pete Gitlin
RIP Neil Peart :-(
King Fartquad
RIP the Professor on the drum kit 😔
Dgbelcher 67
Best song about drugs ever lol